Pakistan could face damaging consequences if it opts for IP gas pipeline: Clinton

US Secretary State says that Pakistan could face consequences under the Iran Sanctions Act for the pipeline.

Huma Imtiaz February 29, 2012

WASHINGTON: The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that America has made it clear to Pakistan that if it goes ahead with the proposed Iran-Pakistan pipeline, it could face consequences as underlined in the Iran Sanctions Act.

Addressing the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Foreign Operations in Washington, Secretary Clinton said that they supported the alternative of a pipeline via Turkmenistan.

Clinton’s remarks were in response to a Congressman Rep. Lewis asking the US Secretary of State why the budget request for the State Department included a $1 billion request to help Pakistan address its energy problems. Secretary Clinton said that the Turkmenistan pipeline was a better alternative, predictable and will avoid business with Iran.

She added that embarking on the construction of a Pak-Iran pipeline is in violation of the Iran Sanctions Act. She said, “We all know what the consequences of that law are.” The US Secretary of State added that this move would be particularly damaging for Pakistan because the country’s economy is already shaky, and would further undermine Pakistan’s economic status.

“We have been very clear in pointing out the consequences of building this pipeline.”


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G. Din | 9 years ago | Reply

@Abubakar Khalid: "People need to realize that we’re a nuclear nation and we have a STRONG and WILLING army which we won’t hesitate to use, if required (providing we have a govenment who’s willing to make a stand for Pakistan)." You may be a nuclear nation but, so is US. Again, you may have a STRONG and (praise be to Lord) WILLING (too) army, but, so has the US. What is more, US has proven both those points, you haven't. An army which is willing to make a stand against almost impossible odds is essentially a brainless army. Your army is no Viet Cong, for crying out loud; it has lost all the wars where it went bravely to make a stand only to retreat every time!

@Azim: "Give us the 7 nuclear reactor’s and sign a deal similar to India fast and we can re-think! " What else may be your pleasure this morning? Eggs on the sunny side, may be?

Khan | 9 years ago | Reply

Dear Madam Hillary Clinton, we barely have any more to get hurt, more than 65% Pakistan is trying to survive below poverty line so do the remaining 34% can. if you are so concerned about us then why nuclear energy for India and CIA agents for Pakistan. Is it not Hippocratic. If at all you want to help, leave Pakistan and Afghanistan and explore new markets for your weapon industry or workout some constructive approach to support your economy. I'm sure there are lot more genius in America to help you in this regard, you only need to change the attitude in Washington DC.

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