Missing person: Aged father wanders in search of son

Published: February 28, 2012


Babar Hussain Jamali, 35, was allegedly picked up by police on December 8 last year from a CNG station on the Hyderabad bypass. However, police officials refuse to confirm this.

Babar’s 75-year-old father, Ghulam Hussain Jamali, cried as he recalled the evening when a dozen men in police uniforms stopped the car carrying his wife, daughter and three sons at the fuel station and whisked away Babar.

“They came all of a sudden and arrested my son without telling his crime. We resisted and pleaded with them but they just took him away,” he said. “I tried to contact almost every police station in the area but all of them claimed that they had no knowledge about Babar’s arrest.”

Ghulam told The Express Tribune that his son worked as a driver in an oil company for the last 12 years. “We don’t have enmity with anyone and my son was not involved in any criminal activities. We have not received any call or message for ransom from anyone either.”

Ghulam, who is a retired government driver, said that the police has refused to register his case. “They initially denied the arrest of my son, but when I mentioned specific names in the report, they insisted that I refrain from naming anyone,” he claimed.

He said that he had gone to a lower court, with no luck. His case is currently pending in the Sindh High Court, Hyderabad. Ghulam appealed to the IG Police Sindh, the Sindh High Court Chief Justice and other officials to help him in finding his son.

Published in The Express Tribune, February 28th, 2012.

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