Gujarat’s gifts to India and Pakistan

Published: February 24, 2012

WASHINGTON DC: Khaled Ahmed’s article of February 24, titled “Gujarat’s gifts to India and Pakistan” was a very informative article.

What about other regions of pre-Partitioned India? Most of the present-day Bollywood drew its talent from Lahore and from Bengal. Most actors came from Punjab and this includes the Kapoors.  The great Dilip Kumar came from Peshawar and even Shahrukh Khan’s father hailed from that city. In those days, most of the fashion trends of north India, which eventually spread across the country came from Lahore. This is one reason why the shalwar kameez has become so popular in contemporary India. I hope that the writer also does an article on this issue.

Rajendra Kalkhande

Published in The Express Tribune, February 25th, 2012.

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  • dv sikka
    Feb 25, 2012 - 12:46AM

    The fact remains that Indians and Pakistanis are twin brothers seperated at birth by the British treachery of divide and destroy. Their cunning resulted in our well earned Azadi into Barbadi.
    All that is needed is a strong leadership in Pakistan to stop the hate propaganda by a few hardline clerics.
    Think of all the resources are going down the drain because all that is being spent in maintaining huge military outfits.


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