Funeral for 107-year-old full of cheer and dance

A 107-year-old Christian leader in Multan wished to be departed from the world in a unique way.

Web Desk February 16, 2012

MULTAN: When the residents of Multan passed by a cheerful crowd of colourfully dressed people dancing to music played by a marching band, they assumed it was a party. But, their misconception eroded off soon as they found a coffin draped in a white cloth seated in the middle.

It was indeed not a party; it was the funeral ceremony of a 107-year-old Christian leader in Multan who had passed away two days ago. According to the family members of late Baba Buzurg Sardar Maseeh, it was the will of the deceased to have his funeral celebrated with an orchestra.

Even the ambulance carrying his coffin was decorated.

The family members told the media that according to their custom, anyone who reads the bible regularly after crossing the age of 100 automatically becomes the “Bible minister”, and his death is meant to be celebrated as he has then become “pure”.

The family also expressed joy over the fact that the sardar was able to cross his 100 years, and they hoped that he would be welcomed into heaven the same way he was bid farewell from earth.


Mirza | 9 years ago | Reply

People are celebrating good and long life by their loved one. What is the problem with that? This happens in many countries and societies.

So What! | 9 years ago | Reply

Cultural diversity is the guarantee & proof of a balanced society's where everybody's rights & religion is protected. Any attempt to eliminate a culture, race, ethnic origin or nationality is a direct attack at the long-term health of a society. The problem is the "purist" won't & don't stop there, they then start a war among themselves for perfection until only there is no rights left to give and no one living in peace. It never happen in human history that such leader or his kingdom survived such act. Search for perfection is an unending quest if done with violence it only brings down and annihilate a nation or government from the face of earth. So the minorities in a society are the "canaries of mine" that tells about the presence of invisible & odorless poisonous gases which eventually kill all miners in sleep without them feeling any pain before death. Not only we should protect such activities we must also encourage them for our own safety from the violent perfectionists.

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