Afghan women TV presenters told ‘more veil, less make-up’

The culture and information ministry tells newscasters to ‘respect Islamic and Afghan values’.

Afp February 15, 2012

KABUL: Afghanistan has instructed women TV presenters to stop appearing without a headscarf and to wear less make-up, officials said, raising fears about creeping restrictions on the fledgling media.

“All the TV networks are in seriousness asked to stop women presenters from appearing on TV without a veil and with dense make-up,” the information and culture ministry said. “All women newscasters on Afghan TV channels are also asked to respect Islamic and Afghan values,” it added.

A spokesperson for President Hamid Karzai told AFP on Tuesday that the ministry took the decision after coming under pressure from the Ulema council, the country’s highest religious body of Islamic scholars.

Afghan media, essentially non-existent under the 1996 to 2001 Taliban regime, have enjoyed considerable freedom, with more than two dozen TV stations springing up in the decade since the 2001 US-led invasion.


kashif | 9 years ago | Reply

@pakhtoon: its our culture. Sigh.........That makes it so much easier. That means it's not written in stone and can be changed for the better ,if it's causing more harm than good. If only people could differentiate between culutral values and religion and not confuse the two together.

Tony C. | 9 years ago | Reply

@Kashif Hameed: Dear Kashif, You are quite right, although perhaps for the wrong reasons. In times of hardship the last thing women want is for the clergy and some extremely possessive males to be doing a put-down on them. Allah made women beautiful and I am sure it was not intended that this beauty should be hidden from view. I keep pointing this out, but one of the reasons America is still in Afghanistan is because 50% of Americans are women and they like all Western women, are horrified at the way Taliban men treat women. Although clothing is only a small part of the problem it is never-the-less an up front indication of the male attitude towards Muslim women, whereas many of the more important factors are hidden from view. The problem has gone on for so long many misguided men think it is alright. However, it is an important problem, times are changing and quickly, so they had better get used to it. I do not think you can keep the lid on this thing for much longer.

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