School’s out

Express August 01, 2010

Ever had a nightmare you were still at school and forgot about an exam? If yes, you’re in good company. People share their most embarrassing school memories with The Express Tribune.

I felt like I was falling

“It was my first day at my new school and all the new students had an orientation ceremony. It was super hot and we had been standing in line listening to the do’s and do-not’s of this institution. I hadn’t eaten and was feeling a little dizzy but was too conscious to sit down because this would call attention to me. The girl next to me whispered something and I leaned in to hear her better and fainted. I woke up on the ground with people crowded around me and the school nurse sprinkling water on my face. Somehow when school started everyone knew the story, and for years I was known as ‘the girl who fainted’.”

Madiha Saeed

Bruised ego

“I was helping out backstage with the school play and when the female lead did not show up, was asked to step in during rehearsal. I was supposed to walk over to a table and pour myself a glass of water, I did so and was walking back with the glass in hand when I tripped and fell flat on my face. I twisted my ankle and could not move, and watched in horror as the water glass went flying and spilled on the male lead. The silver lining - the glass was plastic and didn’t break.”

Saima Haroon

Can you spell b-o-r-i-n-g?

“When I am really tired, I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere and during college I fell asleep a lot in classes. I normally used to go mark my attendance and relax at the back and doze off. However, one particular day I was sitting in the front row of the most boring class, and just could not keep my eyes open. I put my head on my hands and closed my eyes, and fell asleep and began to snore - loudly. The teacher noticed and told the student next to me to wake me, he tried to do so but I wouldn’t budge. Finally the teacher himself prodded me but I just snored really loudly and continued sleeping!”

Umair Khan

Pop goes the elastic

“We used to play dodge ball in school and, to avoid the ball I used to jump in the air in a split. I was in the middle and the ball came towards me, so I jumped and felt my trousers’ elastic give way, I landed on the ground in a heap and refused to get up because I was sure it would fall. My friends had to form a circle around me and escort me to the washroom and hunt for safety pins so that I could fasten it securely.”

Laila Ahmad

Published in The Express Tribune, August 2nd, 2010.


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