Tribune Take: Lawn tsunami to sweep Pakistan

With 108 lawn brands entering the market, lawn is definitely here to stay.

Mahawish Rezvi February 08, 2012
Tribune Take: Lawn tsunami to sweep Pakistan

In today’s episode of the Tribune Take we look at the ongoing craze for the thin cotton fabric, lawn.

Hani Taha, reporter for The Express Tribune’s Life & Style pages, discusses the 108 new brands of lawn flooding the local market in Pakistan.

Taha says, the concept of ‘designer lawn’ gained prominence only last year. It quickly became a way for fashion designers to get their brand name recognition and connect with the mass market as well.

Taha says this trend of lawn exhibitions is here to stay, and many designers have already started showcasing their collections while the country is still battling the cold.

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ANON | 12 years ago | Reply

@Falcon: You are right. PTI should sue lawn for that. :)

Seena Zaidi | 12 years ago | Reply

Why are Pakistani men so negative about women becoming more fashion conscious? Is this an inherited male dominated society curse? most Pakistani men are lack in keeping in shape so being fashion conscious is not even in their horizon. Now with women entering male dominated work areas men will have to take seriously their fashion decisions or have the danger of being left behind the best men can do is lawn fertilizer for now?

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