Blast near Quetta hotel causes oil spill

An IED explosion has caused thousands of litres of oil to spill from an oil tanker in Quetta.

Express July 30, 2010


An IED explosion has caused thousands of litres of oil to spill from an oil tanker in Quetta.

The oil tanker was parked near a hotel in the city when the blast occurred.

The tanker was partially damaged in the explosion, but no casualties were reported.

Two suspects have been arrested from the blast site and investigations into the blast are underway.


Sultan Ahmed. | 12 years ago | Reply Rout can be change in view of safe supply of commodity and oil to Afghanistan but there is no guarantee of safe approach. in spite of best efforts, western power has failed to break the net it has increased on the contrary. Pakistan Armed forces,busy in operation in lawless tribal area sweeping the areas day by day but insurgency stand still and in the meanwhile spread in the cities and targeting shrines and common people. The fact is that terrorist has no popularity among the people people want to see them finished that is favorable to our success, through this angle we should stand the common people against them because without popular support they never success in their designs. The picture of Islam, they are present before the world Muslim has been failed, it is not consisting on real Islamic principles. The world have seen their brutality,when they were lashing a young woman in the public that was the drop scene of their drama . it is an admitted fact that they know nothing about Islam they are ignorant haven no education, whey have translated many versus of the books according to their choice. Under the existing circumstances they can not go with the remaining world which called developed world. The time is runing out fastly should think sit on the table of negotiation as offered by the Afghsn preside and resolve the bloody issue with peaceful manner.
Sultan Ahmed. | 12 years ago | Reply We must admit that insurgent's net is wider than our mentally approach its attackers find everywhere from toe to bottom. It need new strategy to combat them everywhere. when the firm doubt create regarding anyone being insurgent there must be shot at site order.
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