10 things I hate about Humsafar fans

The “Humsafar” cult. Preaching your love for “Humsafar” every chance you get won’t make me love it.

Ferya Ilyas January 29, 2012

1.    How they hog the remote. Every Saturday I see you sitting on the couch, stroking the remote and muttering “my precious” under your breath. Do you really have to keep the remote with you all day? The show airs at 8pm, it’s barely 10am at the moment.

2.     How they lust after each weekly episode. While you wait for the beautiful “Humsafar” filled Saturday to arrive; is it really necessary to satiate your thirst by constantly watching the “Humsafar” promo every time it airs?

3.     Their desire to showcase their love for the show. Frankly, I am really tired of the deluge of “Humsafar” episodes, parodies and pictures with weird emoticons on Facebook walls and Twitter feeds.

4.    Posting personal reactions to the show. Yes, yes. We know you would have punched Ashar in today’s episode if you were there but you weren’t and it isn’t real. Next thing you know they’ll be posting videos of themselves watching “Humsafar”.

5.    The “Humsafar” SMS attack. Goodbye Faraz and Zubeida Apa, “Humsafar” fans occupy your mobile inbox with the “Woh humsafar tha” poetry, instructions for Khirad and curses for Sara.

6.    The “Humsafar” cult. Stop trying to convert every one! Preaching your love for “Humsafar” every chance you get won’t make me love it.

7.    The constant live commentary during the show. “Say something Khirad, tell Ashar that you’re innocent and that his mother is a wicked witch!” *face palm*.

8.   The vivid imagination. All the female fans fancy themselves to be Khirad and male fans Ashar. I bet some can relate to Sara, too.

9.   Their inability to listen to criticism. It’s not like it’s a breakthrough script, the story is clichéd and the typical love triangle is overdone and predictable. It’s like the Pakistani twilight only without the vampires, werewolves, demon baby and the glitter. Well, maybe not the glitter.

10.    Watching it repeatedly. A single episode is aired thrice (or maybe more times) and the fans watch every telecast. Some can never have enough so they YouTube it!

Published in The Express Tribune, Sunday Magazine, January 29th, 2012.


sara | 9 years ago | Reply

Very interesting. I was a big Humsafar fan. enjoyed this article.

Yasir | 9 years ago | Reply

11) Some fans have so much time that after watching episode 5 times they actually write articles about it and post comments on that article...........

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