Memogate: Despite assurances, Mansoor Ijaz refuses to come to Pakistan

Ijaz's counsel had written him an email informing him of the commission's assurances of full security.

Web Desk January 24, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Despite assurances of full security from the judicial commission probing the Memogate scandal, Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz has once again refused to come to Pakistan to record his statement, Express News reported on Tuesday.

Ijaz’s counsel, Akram Sheikh had earlier today – on the directives of the commission – written an email to his client to inform him that the commission had given assurances that he would be given full security on arrival.

Sheikh later distributed copies of Ijaz's email response to the three judges.

Appearing before the commission today, Interior Minister Rehman Malik had also said that Ijaz’s name has not been placed on the Exit Control (ECL), and added that his ministry had issued a clarification in this matter. Malik had earlier warned that the govern­ment will put Ijaz’s name on the Exit Contro­l List, if reques­ted by the parliamentary committee formed to probe the scandal.


Babar Cyprus | 12 years ago | Reply

Don't we have more important issues to take care of for the general masses than keeping the leaders worried about their behind by filing one petition after another. Looks like a sinister scheme to fail Pakistan in any progress.

Raja Qaisar | 12 years ago | Reply Mr Logic your logic is not understandable he is not Pakistani so it is entirely up to him he wants to come or not we can not dictate him when we living in Pakistan do not feel safe ourselves. Now what is happening in our country that we want to force a foreigner to come to the country which is falling apart becuase of terrorism and bomb blasts so it is very simple he does not feel safe here. Also as you said he is a coward i have no indea how we measure it but if an other country like Pakistan ask us to come and give evidence in where law forcing agencies kill innocents on daily basis will you go??? He will be provided security but what same security people kill him. Who trust Pakistan'police which is the most corrupt police on the earth.
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