Mansoor Ijaz will not come to Pakistan: Akram Sheikh

Lawyer says current security arrangements look like a well-orchestrated trap to hold Ijaz indefinitely in Pakistan.

Ema Anis/web Desk January 23, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Mansoor Ijaz has expressed his reservations with the security arrangements made in Pakistan for his arrival, and has therefore requested the judicial commission to record his statements in London or Zurich, his counsel Akram Sheikh said on Monday.

Speaking to the media in Islamabad, Sheikh said that he had held a teleconference with Ijaz after meeting with IG Police Islamabad and had briefed his counsel about the security arrangements that have been made for him.

"No assurance has been given with regards to his [Ijaz's] life or property. It seems like a well-orchestrated trap to hold Ijaz indefinitely in Pakistan... He refuses to knowingly fall into the government's trap," he added.

On Interior Minister Rehman Malik's assurances of arranging the army for Ijaz's security, Sheikh said: "I don't trust Rehman Malik. I trust Husain Haqqani more than I trust Rehman Malik... Did Benazir Bhutto not die in this country even after getting security assurances?"

The lawyer added that Ijaz is concerned about Pakistan’s money not being wasted and thus does not want the security to waste its money on him. “So, he wants to record his statement while sitting in his office in London. He is ready to tell the truth and present all grafts to the commission.”

Earlier during the day, Sheikh said he had written another letter to the attorney general seeking details of the security being provided to Ijaz during his visit to Pakistan.

He also met Inspector General of Police (IG) Islamabad, who assured him that security will be provided to Mansoor Ijaz.

The judicial commission probing the Memogate scandal has ordered Ijaz to appear before the court personally to record his statements.

The Pakistani-American businessman had expressed reservations over security when he was summoned by the judicial commission to record his statements. He claimed that he and his family were being threatened.

On Saturday, Attorney General Maulvi Anwarul Haq had finalised the security arrangements for Ijaz in consultation with the Defence Secretary.

Sheikh had earlier said that by excluding the army from the security, the government wanted to deprive his client of providing valuable evidence linking President Asif Ali Zardari to the memo, while Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani had reiterated on Sunday that the government does not wish to spend billions of rupees for his security.


sam | 11 years ago | Reply

Mansoor Ijaz is good and true person. He should get security. Why prime minister travels with 100s of security cars? Doesn't he is spending billions on his security? Did we people of Pakistan said him to travel with those many cars.

Does any cricket teams is willing to come to Pakistan? Every body know what has happend to Sirlankan team. Is security was sufficient? Today situation is too worse compare to that time. He is the person who holds credible information and could lead to wiped out existing government. In this case Government is the main culprit.

Just put you in Mansoor place and think could you go in this extream condition to pakistan. Moreover, you are getting a threatning call from those people who are responsible for security. :)

A. Khan | 11 years ago | Reply

Its a laugh that Rehman Malik is guaranteeing security for Ijaz. Malik could not even protect his own party leader, what can the common man expect from him ? Unless there was a bigger game to play in Benazir's demise and installation of Z as President. The mind boggles....

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