Peace talks between Pakistan and Taliban faltering: Official

Senior security official says Taliban have flatly rejected a demand that it work through tribal elders to reach deal.

Reuters January 19, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Exploratory peace talks between Pakistan and al Qaeda linked Taliban insurgents  have made little progress, a senior security official told Reuters on Thursday.   

The official said the group, seen as the biggest security threat to the strategic US ally, had flatly rejected a demand that it work through tribal elders to reach a deal whereby fighters approach authorities and lay down their arms.

It had earlier been reported that ‘secret talks’ between Pakistan’s security agencies and the local Taliban – who have reportedly splintered down into many different groups – had entered a decisive phase.

Both sides were hoping that negotiations would culminate in a ‘lasting’ agreement to help restore peace in the country’s lawless tribal lands.


Hasan Mehmood | 9 years ago | Reply

Asking TTP to lay down arms (also demanded by Rehman Malik this side of the border) is a most unreasonable demand with zero relevance to ground realities.

Instead they may be offered to keep their Militias for the time being and join a National Govt with suitable conditions and moderation of their stance towards minorities / women. I am sure they wont agree due to their rigid / one track mind. They want it all and wont share the pie. Once they are exposed as such, they would loose the moral high ground and may thereafter be crushed with full force. USA can tell Pakistan: look we offered them a major stake in Govt and promised pullout but still they want to overthrow all other stake holders. How can you possibly support them and be responsible for a perpetual civil war on your borders?

That would be a masterstroke with devastating simplicity.

Bangash | 9 years ago | Reply


Its the Afghans who have lost everything in last 30 years of fighting, and only gained foolish boasts about their fighting prowess.

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