Musharraf to consult with party on Pakistan return

Says he wants to stick to his plan and fly home at the end of Januar­y.

Afp/web Desk January 19, 2012

LONDON/ LAHORE: Former president and All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) chief Pervez Musharraf said on Thursday he would consult with members of his party before deciding whether to delay his return from exile later this month.

Speaking from Britain after friends and supporters in Pakistan advised him to stay away for his safety, Musharraf said he wanted to stick to his plan and fly home at the end of January.

"I have to return no doubt whatsoever. My decision stands between the 27th and the 30th of January," he said at a press conference in Ilford, east of the capital London.

But he added: "My party leaders in Pakistan are looking at the implications of my return and will give me the recommendation whether to return or whether to postpone. I have not had any recommendations yet."

He said he would fly to Dubai before going to Pakistan in any case.

Earlier today, APML leaders said in Pakistan that he should put off his return because he would be arrested if he came back.

The decision came after he consulted party members on his return plans.

In early January, while addressing a rally Musharraf had announced that he would arrive in Pakistan between January 27 to 30, 2012.

According to Express News, he had delayed his return on the suggestion of his "friends", who said that coming back to Pakistan right now might not be favourable for the former president.

Mohammad Amjad, senior vice president of the APML, told AFP that "no final decision had yet been taken" but said the retired general would make an announcement on his plans "later, perhaps today".

"His friends and party officials want him to postpone it for sometime. This was discussed yesterday at a meeting and conveyed to him," Amjad said.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik had assured the Senate on Wednesday that Musharraf would be arrested on his return to Pakistan.

“I assure this house that if he lands in Pakistan, he will be arrested because he is a proclaimed offender in the Benazir Bhutto murder case,” the minister had said.

The interior minister’s assurance came a day after Senator Raza Rabbani submitted a 10-point charge sheet in Senate, calling for the former dictator’s arrest.


Atif Hamid | 9 years ago | Reply Having said the above, let's analyze his coming back to Pakistan. He should not because: 1. Judiciary has a clear biase against him. CJ and his aides were sacked by him whether rightly or wrongly. They have clear biase. They made protests against him. They raised public opposition against him. Impartiality and unbiasedness are among the most important condition for a trial to be fair and equitable. Iftekhar Chaudhary may be honest but not even comparable with Hazrat Ali (RA), Qazi Shuraih and many other Muslim and contemporary judges who did not hear the cases because there might be a chance of partiality or biase. So, present judiciary is not competent to hear his case as the chances of partiality and bias are far more than the opposite. 2. Who bore the most brunt of the aftermath of Ms. Bhutto murder? Who were benefitted? They did not filed a single case of corruption against him. He was clean in this matter. The greatest fool of the age is the person who thinks that Musharraf is involved in this murder. Even, Nawaz, Zardari, Malik Awan and all know it. They are not fools afterall. So, this is just to make points after arresting him. Simple common sense! 3. Another judicial murder is possible because of biased judiciary. If they have to really make it just and equitable then a commission comprising of retired justices with good record must be constituted. It must investigate Lal Masjid, BB, Bughti, NRO and sacking of judiciary. It can also ask CJP and allied about the oath that they took when Justice Saeed got off. Why they gave legitimacy to Musharraf? Why their acts and decisions are not unconstitutional? Why are those whites and other blacks? All the proceedings must be in camera and made public. Nothing is to be hidden. Free and fair trial must look to be free and fair. His views must be given due media coverage. I will like to see a live debate between Nawaz and Musharraf. 4. His security must be fool proof. He must be given security as is given to ex COAS and President plus security of a highest risk personality (Good or Bad). He must be safe till he is punished by a competent and impartial court. Proved Impartiality and unbiasedness of judiciary is necessary condition to his free and fair trial. It will be a unique trial and must be carried out in a unique way. Under the present circumstances, I will not advise him to come back.
Atif Hamid | 9 years ago | Reply Musharraf must wait before coming back to Pakistan. He did not handle some issues in an effective manner. Nawaz sent forces to Saudia to aid allies but said that the forces are going there to save Harmain Shareefain. Was Saddam going to attack Haramain? Can you conceive it? His political father has taught him to make people fool in the name of Islam. Musharraf told people the truth. Our people have poor memories. In 1999, Nawaz did not want to declare Pakistan as a nuclear state. It was pressure that made him to do so. Ask students: who was the person who patronized their education? Count number of Phd in his years and years before and after him? Look around you with unbiased eyes. I am 33 yrs old. I never saw such developments in infrastructure, development, education, banking, commerce, IT and many fields as during his period. Who allowed freedom to media? Who brought big brains from foreign universities? Who empowered masses by introducing local bodies system? Our city had filth everywhere. Roads were broken. There was no infra-structure. Same was the situation in many cities. Change that is so much spoken is actually built on the base constructed by that traitor! Where is highly profitable steal mills? Ask CJ. NADRA, CNIC, Machine Readable Passports, Rescue 1122, gawadar port, many highly paying jobs, warden police, Citizen Community Boards, CPLC, many motorways and highways, planning and implementing to solve energy crisis in 2016, Higher Education Commission, many universities.... And many more. All of them were made in bubble economy. Now tell me what were done in real economies of Bhutto, Zia, BB, Nawaz, BB, Nawaz, Zardari and Nawaz Punjab? Be realistic. Quote verifiable achievements, compare and do not be summun bukmun umyun!!! Sub say pehlay Pakistan and did you forget-Pakistan ka matlab kia? Strong Pakistan means stronger Islam. Be realistic. Muslims are not united. We must make ourselves stronger before taking other Muslim's responsibility on our shoulders. Egypt, Bangladesh, Indonesia are bigger and they also need to play their parts. We are not the only Chaudharies. Foreign policy of Pakistan had always been Muslim Ummah oriented. We were never successful.
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