JuD promises Imran Khan treat at Difa-e-Pakistan convention

Imran Khan, Jamaat-e-Islami chief Munawar Hassan, Awami League chief Sheikh Rasheed to attend rally, say JuD.

Owais Jafri January 18, 2012

MULTAN: The Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) said on Wednesday that their January 29 Difa-e-Pakistan gathering would be attended by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chairman Imran Khan,  Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Munawar Hassan  and Awami League chief Sheikh Rasheed among other religious and political party leaders. The JuD added that they had confirmed their presence for the rally.

Addressing a gathering in Multan, the JuD leadership vowed that they would not step back and demanded the political and military leadership devise their decisions and policies keeping this in mind.

JuD has been very active recently in trying to unite people for the Difa-e-Pakistan convention in Multan on January 29.

JuD added that only an nuclear capable and armed Pakistan can survive in the future and that it should be defended at every cost.

They said that conspiracies were being hatched against Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, in the shape of declaring the country a failed or terrorist state.

'Secular forces have no attachment to Pakistan'

Hafiz Saeed, President JuD, said "we will not let Pakistan slide into the hands of secular forces in Pakistan as they have no attachment or relation with Pakistan.”

He added that the nation had come out of its ‘slumber’ and the government too should also come out from "US slavery".

“The drone attacks are proof that the level of loyalty of the government to the US and western powers is incomparable but at the same time, the fury of the people of Pakistan has also become immeasurable and it will sweep away the government.”

Saeed further said,“ I am happy to see the response of registration from the students, lawyers and civil society and farmers from Punjab for the biggest convention in the history of Pakistan to be held in Multan. We only want to show our hatred for the US and India through this gathering...we want them to etch it on their coffins that the nation is united and will defend the nuclear capability of Pakistan at any cost.”


Ashraf P | 9 years ago | Reply

Pakistan must be the only place in the universe where the word "secular" is considered a bad word. A 'secular' nation is one that accepts all religions - NOT at the expense of any. But you don't expect people like Hafiz to understand that.

GHURABAA | 9 years ago | Reply

yeh JUD is a terrorist outfit....Terrorist who did the most in earthquake of 2005, those who did the best to save people in floods. They have saved and are still saving hundreds of lives in floods especially in SINDH where even our dear government hasnt botherd to do much.....Above all giving sacrifices of hundreds of young men(so called fundamentalists) for the sake of their brothers in Kashmir....If this is terrorism then yes they are terrorists, if this is extremism then yes they are extremists..All their work especially welfare is documented and even got recoignition from the UN!!!!...wake up ppl, these men are men of honour they didnt even harm a single pakistani..they are not responsible for even a single innocents life!!!..its time for unity..show your unity for a better Pakistan..a Pakistan a frontier of Muslims from all over the world......Pakistan is meant for Islam..NOT FOR SECULERISM.....!!!!!!

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