JI calls for reopening MQM NRO cases

Calls the memogate a fabrication of America, to create a clash of institutions in Pakistan.

Owais Jafri January 17, 2012

MULTAN: Jamaat Islami while protesting in Multan blamed government for ignoring cases against the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) for extortion and target killing in Karachi, as well as being listed in the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).

Liaqat Baloch, the General Secretary of Jamaat Islami (JI) Pakistan lead the protest and claimed that the “biggest extortionist and criminal party of Pakistan has been actually protected in NRO and all cases against MQM should be opened immediately.”  He claimed that more than 4500 cases in NRO are of MQM and they are listed under target killers, extortion and other cases which have been also neglected by judiciary.

The leadership of Jamaat Islami said that they would like to inform the supreme judiciary of Pakistan that people of Pakistan were losing their trust in the judiciary as they saw target killers and leaders of MQM moving freely in Karachi. They demanded that the NRO should be dealt with on the basis of equality and no single party should be targeted, that all criminals listed in NRO should be brought under investigation and all money embezzled should be taken back from them. They demanded that those blamed for killing people should be hanged in public.

“People of Pakistan want to ask chief justice of Pakistan that after the abolishing  NRO, why target killers and murderers of MQM are not eradicated from Karachi and why law enforcing authorities have let them move freely in the country and abroad, Baloch questioned, demanding that all cases against the extortionists, target killers and murderers be immediately reopened as frustration was increasing among the public.

On the topic of Memogate, the JI office bearer said that it was the invention of the American establishment and the real purpose of the memo was to put Pakistani institutions on a path confrontation, so that Pakistan could be declared a failed state. He further said that the confrontation between the institutions was not based in reality.

Talking about the coalitions in the by-elections, he said that his party had kept its options open for coalition will all parties and it can also be possible in the form of seat adjustment. “We are in continuous contact with the major political parties of the country and observing a viable democratic government in the country.”

Talking about the revival of MMA, he said that there needs to be unity and a review of hypocrite policies by the religious parties. “We will not let religious parties deceive the people of Pakistan. We have to accept our mistakes in this coalition and have to take the people of Pakistan on board for this coalition. We have to review our policies and relations with other political parties and before adopting unanimous united policy for unity of religious parties in Pakistan, we have to clarify our policies before the people of Pakistan.”


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