Dr Aafia's lawyers appeal for reduced sentence because of mental illness

Dr Aaifa Siddiqui's lawyers have appealed to a US court to reduce her sentence to 12 years as she is mentally ill.

Express July 29, 2010

Pakistani scientist Dr Aaifa Siddiqui's lawyers have appealed to a US court to reduce her sentence to 12 years as she is mentally ill.

Lawyers for Aafia Siddiqui made the request in a filing in US District Court in Manhattan, where she was convicted in February.

The lawyers said Siddiqui was driven to her crime by mental illness.

They described her behaviour in Ghazni, Afghanistan, as bizarre, saying Siddiqui was cut off from any form of rational thought by her knowledge that US authorities had engaged in the torture of detainees overseas.

Dr Aafia Siddiqui is scheduled to be sentenced in mid-August but the date is expected to be moved to September or later.

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Schazad | 10 years ago | Reply I think she should be put on trial and "NO", we don't want her in Pakistan. She has brought bad name for Pakistan and she should be treated as an american citizen. We don't need people like her. They are a bad influence.
AM | 10 years ago | Reply Imran Khan,JI,media and other conspiracy theorists, should now comment whether she was apprehended from Ghazni or she is the Prisoner of Bagram.People in this country have been mislead about the facts, which lead to her arrest and subsequent trial.
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