Sherry Rehman meets Marc Grossman, presents credentials at State Department

US hopes to work with Pakistan to impose financial sanctions on Iran, with respect to Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline.

Huma Imtiaz January 10, 2012

WASHINGTON: Pakistan's new ambassador to the US met with the US Special Representative for Af-Pak Ambassador Marc Grossman.

A spokesperson for the Pakistan Embassy told the The Express Tribune that the two discussed US-Pakistan relations in the meeting.

According to the embassy spokesperson, Rehman also presented her credentials as ambassador to the US State Department's Under Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman.

Rehman will now meet President Obama on January 18 along with a host of other ambassadors to present her credentials as ambassador.

US to ‘work’ with Pakistan to enforce sanctions on Iran

Faced with a dire energy crisis that threatens the economy of Pakistan, the government had decided to go ahead with the Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline despite sanctions imposed by the US.

When asked about this in a daily briefing, White House spokesperson, Jay Carney said that they were looking into the matter.  “We are working with our partners and allies around the country [Iran] to enforce the sanctions and to take a multilateral approach,” he said, “an approach that we hope will maximise the impact of the sanctions without creating any unintended consequences, any negative impacts on the oil markets or on our allies.  And we are engaged in that effort right now.”


Naseer Qureshi | 11 years ago | Reply she might be successful because she is very moderate and enlightened. such attributes are necessary to take pakistan into the future of moderenism and nonfundamentalism. She will be very successful in projecting Islamic Pakistan's soft image. Good Luck
V K Bajaj (Delhi) | 11 years ago | Reply

Let the ATTRACTIVE person to perform ATTRACTIVELY.

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