Counterweight: India won’t oppose Pakistan-Israel ties

Foreign Minister SM Krishna says it is up to Israel and Pakistan to decide what kind of ties they want.

Agencies January 11, 2012


India  said on Tuesday that it is up to Israel and Pakistan to decide the kind of ties they want to have after former  military ruler Pervez Musharraf suggested establishing diplomatic ties with the Jewish nation to counter its “pro-India” policy.

“I think it is between Israel and Pakistan to decide what kind of relationship they want to establish, as much as it is between Israel and India to decide what kind of relationship we want to establish,” said Foreign Minister S M Krishna.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 11th, 2012.


MUNIB | 9 years ago | Reply Muslim Ummah is just a theory of emotional blackmailing in Muslim world. Whenever you cant beat an argument just throw in the Ummah dose. The Arabs treat non-arabs , especially PAK and Bangaliz as their slaves and we act like their slaves too. We dont have anything common with the Arabs except the faith, which is again a personal matter and even the faith is quite different on sectarian basis. Now if anyone talks of not considering this sectarian base, he lives in fools paradise and is not willing to accept a simple GROUND REALITY. Our culture, our history, our food, dress, social habits, music, dance . . . nothing is common with the Arabs. This Zia ul haq brainwashing of 80z has to be buried if PAK needs to get freedom from Ummah nonsense and start looking for resolution of disputes with more closer friends and common interest partners like China India Afg etc
MUNIB | 9 years ago | Reply

Its high time WE PAK start dialogue with Israel and initiate formal relations. This is in the best interest of both countries. Israel has never been involved directly in any anti-PAK activities and as for the indirect activities well PAK is not clean either. Both countries play upon the Religious emotionalism and have cashed in past.

Having good relations with Israel will help PAK get influence in USA gov and European countries which will not only help neutralize INDIAN influence by will help greatly in Education health and even military wise.

Because PAK and ISRAEL both are under UNO charter, this UNO charter can be the common starting point for both countries.

PAK public should stop their hate based mindset against every other country just because its Israel. Israel is a a reality as any other country of the world. The issue of Palestine can be resolved if its on table and not by bullets i.e excessive force by Israel army and terrorist activities by Hammas and other muslim groups are stopped.

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