Battered and bruised: A victim of domestic violence appeals for justice

The wife was allegedly tortured for not bringing enough dowry.

Express January 11, 2012


A newly-wed, allegedly injured by her husband because her dowry did not match her in-laws’ expectations, has appealed to the chief justice and prime minister to help bring the perpetrator to justice. 

Sumaira Malik, 19, remained hospitalised for several days recuperating from the blows inflicted by her husband. She told newsmen at a press conference that she was married to Muhammad Ramzan, a resident of Begakot Kothiala village, three weeks ago.

Her husband, a factory worker, took her to Lahore ten days after their marriage where they were living in a rented house. He taunted over the dowry which he said were not equivalent to the value of the property he had transferred in her name as haq mehar.

She said Ramzan often used abusive language against her and her family and would beat her every day to force her to transfer the house to him and hand over her gold ornaments. “One evening when he returned home from the factory, he again forced me to accede to his demands but when I refused to surrender he hit me with his fists and kicked me about.”

Malik said she fell unconscious after the battering and when she regained her senses after three days, she found herself in a hospital in Islamabad. “My gallbladder was damaged because of the beating and had to be removed.” Once she recovered, she called her parents who took her back to the village.

“My body is bruised all over,” she said, flanked by her grandfather and mother. Rreplying to a question, she said she did not want to live with her husband since she feared for her life.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 11th, 2012.


Mia Khan | 9 years ago | Reply

When will our so called religious leaders speak up and be respected or are they just full of hot air..

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