20th amendment to be harbinger of change: MQM

Sattar says if hurdles to new provinces remain, the country’s solidarity will be impacted.

Express January 09, 2012

MULTAN: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Farooq Sattar asserted on Sunday that the 20th constitutional amendment will herald change in Pakistan.

He made these comments while talking to the media in Multan’s press club.

“With prestige, we can say that MQM is the harbinger of change in Pakistan by presenting the 20th amendment in parliament, which will soon be opened for discussion,” said Sattar.

“We have made the demand of the people of southern Punjab for a new province a top priority in the amendment,” he added.

He also made it clear that if the legislation’s path is hindered in any way, the MQM will stage protests all over the country.

“The quarters trying to hamper the resolution for a new province in Punjab must be aware of the grievances of the people of southern Punjab,” he said.

Asked if such hurdles succeed in blocking the piece of legislation, Farooq asserted that the solidarity of the country will be impacted.

“Today our country is standing on the verge of dismemberment. Our basic challenge is to save Pakistan by maintaining its solidarity,” cautioned Sattar.

He pointed out that the MQM was not in favour of an administrative unit but supports the establishment of a new province with all constitutional rights.

“The real purpose of politics is to fight for the rights of the deprived. If there will be no new provinces, then, there will be no justice in the country,” said Sattar.

When asked about whether MQM, a party with much of its political clout restricted to the urban centres of Sindh, carries the mandate to ask for new provinces in Punjab, Sattar stressed that the party is a force for politics of the federation.

“Whatever the allegations, it does not change the fact that the politicians of Punjab are deaf to the demands of the people of southern Punjab,” pointed out Sattar.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 9th, 2012.


Dexter Morgan | 9 years ago | Reply

At all those calling for division of Sindh & giving Karachi the status of a province please note the following: 1- There is no political movement of any sort in the favor of creation of any such province in Sindh. While such movements have been going on in Hazara & Southern Punjab for quite sometime. 2- Karachi generates huge amount of revenue not only for Pakistan but also for Sindh while the remaining areas of the provinces are not that much industrialized therefore their need of revenues for development funds is pretty much fulfilled from Karachi & on the other hand the agricultural outputs of these areas serve the needs of Karachi. In this way a sort of balance situation has been created. 3- Demands for Hazara & Southern Punjab provinces stem out due to the deprivation of the people belonging to those areas while Karachi is definitely not in such a situation. Rather it provide opportunities of growth to the less developed areas of Sindh. If Karachi is separated from Sindh, the economic & social situation in Sindh will definitely be out of balance. These are the reasons that MQM has not demanded for creation of new province in Sindh.

rameez siddiqui | 9 years ago | Reply

please mqm,listen to your voters,give us first a province of our own made up of karachi and hyderabad and then move onto dividing other provinces.

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