Tribune’s Gamechangers 2011: Bhakkar cannibals

Grotesque behaviour that repulsed and shocked.

Express January 13, 2012

They’d been eating human remains for years, but it was in 2011 that the cannibal brothers of Bhakkar - Mohammad Arif and Mohammad Farman - were finally arrested.

The revulsion-filled tale featured the two men in the southern Punjab district, who had reportedly indulged in the habit after being inspired by black magic.

Arif and Farman – whose crime was only discovered once a fresh grave was found violated – confessed to the habit. Investigators found that the two had eaten parts of almost 150 bodies that they had excavated from a local graveyard.

As a consequence, fear and loathing spread in Bhakkar with many wondering if the graves of their loved ones had also been defiled by the two men.

Quote: “This is the worst case of my life.” – SHO Abdul Rehman


Muhammad B. F. | 10 years ago | Reply

Well! Its time for lighted & paid guards, brickwalled & cemented-top graves or concrete coffin like in the west. Things that were taken for granted in all times can only be afforded now with spending money from your own pocket. Don't even think of asking the government or you will have to pay taxes to over the cost, enough foreign borrowing for everything.

Javed | 11 years ago | Reply

Amazing people still believe in black magic.

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