New provinces: PML-N, ANP bash MQM

Both parties say MQM has no representation in Hazara or south Punjab, question how it can demand new provinces.

Express January 05, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, bashing the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), asked how can a party which has never had a single councilor in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa or Punjab ask for new provinces in these regions with its leader “sitting in London”.

Khan was talking to the media outside the Parliament on Thursday when he said that there was a particular party which was creating drama in the National Assembly over the creation of new provinces. “The party’s terror can only stay on the people of Karachi… A party in Karachi cannot make provinces in other provinces.”

He also said that provinces are not made by giving speeches or by slinging mud on the opposing parties, they are made through commissions.

He added that a commission should be formed for the creation of provinces and a new province can only be formed after the provincial assembly, national assembly and the senate approves it as per the laws.

The opposition leader reiterated his party Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz’s support for the creation of Hazara, Bahawalpur and the south Punjab province.

ANP chief criticises MQM

Awami National Party (ANP) chief Asfandyar Wali also lashed out at the MQM and said that a party that had never had a councilor in the Hazara region or the Seraiki belt was standing up and talking about dividing the provinces.

Wali said that he was aware of their intentions and targets, and also added that they will never be able to achieve them.

He said that if the Punjab Assembly is not asked and a Seraiki bill comes forward, his party will be against it, adding that it was their right according to the constitution.

Wali said that people who were demanding new provinces had brought up a non-issue at a time when the country was going through so much.

“If you hate the Pakhtun name so much, what are you going to do with those sitting in Hazara,” said Wali after stating that the region had a majority Pakhtun population.

'MQM is Pakistan's party'

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Farooq Sattar responded to Khan’s statements by saying that harsh statements were being made against his party.

“They are terming us as Karachi’s party… If we don’t have a seat in Punjab, then you don’t have any in Sindh either. Why are you coming to Sindh and talking about its problems?” he remarked.

He said that his party is “Pakistan’s party” and wherever there is injustice in the country his party will get up to solve it. “Pakistan is as much ours as it is yours… You don’t have any authority to judge who is Pakistani and who is not.”

On the creation of new provinces, he said that the MQM has brought up the issues of the people on institutional grounds and he is sure that the party’s demands will be passed by a majority in the house.


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omarz | 9 years ago | Reply

A formula across the board should be applied in Pakistan, based on instability, insecurity, and economic deprivation. Karachi is the most instable and insecure city of Pakistan .The Idea to divide Karachi in to manageable four portions along with the Sindh’s underdeveloped territory will create four small provinces providing better Safety, Security, equal opportunity and Economic wellbeing uplift of underdeveloped areas of Sind, this should be applied to other mega cities of Pakistan also.

Ali Hamza Khan | 9 years ago | Reply @Raja Aslam Mate,no hard feelings,but your reasons are illogical and completely baseless.All of us are Pakistanis first.You should first probably be avoiding calling yourself as Punjabi or etc for that matter as well.Now refuting your stance,the Holy Prophet(PBUH) and many others were also MUHAJIR when they came to Madina.The locals presented the same argument as yours after Holy Prophet but does that mean that the Muhajirs were to be compromised in their rights?Go read a little bit of history first before commenting vaguely.Muhajirs contributed in Pakistan-they are as likely 'sons of the soil' as you are.Thank Abdul qadeer,Agha abedi,Edhi to name a couple out of thousands for that.And devolution of power and submission to wishes of people is thy name of democracy.If people want provinces,why not make it?Why not even a Muhajir province?And ANP and PML-N need to first filter their fake degree holders before even starting to think of a logical argument.
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