Anti-Terrorism Bill tabled in Senate

Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has tabled the Anti-Terrorism Amendment Bill 2010 in Senate on Tuesday.

Express July 27, 2010

Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has tabled the Anti-Terrorism Amendment Bill 2010 in Senate on Tuesday.

The Senate Interior Committee will submit a report on the bill by Friday.

According to the bill, the trial of the arrested terrorists will be held in camera. The bill puts forward that those who run illegal FM stations will also be tried under the Anti-Terrorism Bill since according to the bill resistance against law enforcement agencies will also be considered an act of terrorism. The remand of the arrested terrorists will be for 90 days.

Any attack on security forces or damage to commercial buildings will come under the Anti-Terrorism act. Terrorists will be investigated by an officer not below the rank of a sub-inspector. The investigation team will consist of five FIA officials and other members of law enforcement agencies.

Addressing the Senate session, Malik termed terrorism the biggest challenge the country is currently facing. He said that an amendment bill is imperative to counter the threat, and believes it will prove to be effective.

Malik said that extremists are trying to brainwash the youth and are challenging the writ of the state which will not be tolerated.

Commenting on the situation in Balochistan, Malik invited Balochis to join politics.

Earlier talking to the media outside the Parliament House, Malik asked the media not to sensationalise news related to target killings in Karachi. He said that not every killing in Karachi is an incident of target killing. He appealed to the media to verify information from the CCPO Karachi before airing it.

Malik further added that the enemy of Pakistan want to destabilise the country.


Sadia Hussain | 13 years ago | Reply A positive step nevertheless it is hoped that the proposed bill will successful in curbing terrorism. Anti terror polices need to be broad based and it should not fight extremism but also counter those social factors that contribute towards extremism.
ziaullah | 13 years ago | Reply it's right decision taken by the Govt to adopt a strict policy. Although somewhere it looking against the privacy of an individual. But common interest is superior than individual. when peace prevail in our dear homeland it may amemded.
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