Child sacrificed, liver offered to gods: Indian police

Police says body of 7-year-old Indian girl was found one week after her family reported her missing.

Afp January 01, 2012

RAIPUR: A seven-year-old Indian girl was murdered in a tribal sacrifice and her liver offered to the gods to improve crop growth, police in the central state of Chhattisgarh said on Sunday.

The body of Lalita Tati was found in October one week after her family reported her missing.

"A seven-year-old girl was sacrificed by two persons superstitiously believing that the act would give a better harvest," Narayan Das, the police chief of Bijapur district, told AFP by telephone.

The two men were arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of killing the girl and offering her liver to the gods in a grisly tribal ceremony. Police said the men had confessed to the crime.

The girl was murdered in a jungle district of Chhattisgarh that is a stronghold of rebel Maoists who have tapped into disaffection among local tribal groups.

Human sacrifices occasionally make headlines in deeply religious and superstitious India, and usually occur in poor areas where some people revere practitioners of black magic.

Two suspected child sacrifices were reported in Chhattisgarh in 2010, while in the same year the decapitated body of a factory worker was found in a temple in the eastern state of West Bengal.

The victims are often ritually killed by witchdoctors to appease gods, spirits or deities.


Rakib | 9 years ago | Reply

@Cautious: but can you name another country where they sacrifice their children

It does not go by country, it goes by variously named "superstitions" aka "religions"; and by that token nobody can claim monopoly in cruelty.

Scriptural references can be very easily looked up to make the point. To quote only one, only as example & meaning no disrespect, please look up Sefer Shoftim-Book of Judges 11:31-40 to see how even a personage declared as Man of Faith made burnt offerings of his own daughter to propitiate a Deity. Be it thanksgiving in war or supplication for crops, the underlying superstition and the nature of human greed are the same; only the labels differ.

Shyam | 9 years ago | Reply

@KKJ The day Indians stopped migrating to other countries, we will consider it an emerged nation

People emigrate all the time from every country. I have hired interns from Germany, Greece etc for my company, does that make Germany less developed?

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