‘Darkest day’ for judiciary: National security has trumped fundamental rights: Asma

Asma Jehangir says the court gave the petitioners more than they had asked for.

Sidrah Moiz/express December 30, 2011

ISLAMABAD: The judiciary’s most ardent supporter at one time turned its loudest critic on Friday when the apex court announced upholding the petitions on Memogate scandal.

It is the darkest day for the judiciary because the apex court has subjected fundamental rights to national security, said Asma Jehangir, counsel for former ambassador to US Husain Haqqani, while speaking to reporters after the announcement of the order.

Terming the court’s judgment ‘disappointing’, Jehangir said the civilian authority had come under the army.

“I am forced to think if it is the judiciary of the people or the judiciary of the establishment,” she said.

Jehangir added that the court gave the petitioners more than they had asked for.

The court directed High Commissioner to the UK to assist in the probe, although the petitioners never asked for his involvement, Jehangir said, adding: “We know very well that the establishment had been trying to target him too.”

“I was expecting at least one dissenting voice against the judgment, but I did not see any ray of hope in the court today,” she said.

Jehangir added that the decision had compromised a person’s right to justice.

“It is sad that the highest court of judiciary has done it and if saying this is contempt of court, then so be it.”

Jehangir said she will wait for the final verdict and then see if she has to appeal for a review of the case.

She added that the judgment was against the rule of law and said she was ready to go to jail for the implementation of the rule of law.

However, she said, “I accept the court’s decision even if I don’t agree to it.”

“One day, this judgment would hurt the petitioners – and one day the petitioners will say that one woman said in the Supreme Court that, one day they will say this judgment is not according to rule of law”

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Published in The Express Tribune, December 31st, 2011.


Karim | 11 years ago | Reply

National Security is more important than personal rights................it was also witnessed after 9/11 in USA.

Hawkins | 11 years ago | Reply

Iftikhar chudri him self is a part of coruptin.....! and this old lady got newly rich....

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