'Elements from outside the city responsible for target killings'

Rehman Malik said that he had reports that elements from outside the city were involved in target killings in Karachi.

Express July 26, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister, Rehman Malik said on Monday that he had reports that elements from outside the city were involved in target killings in Karachi.

Malik was speaking to the media after offering condolences to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain upon the death of his son.

He said the government has requested the Afghan government to stop the flow of terrorists and weapons into Pakistan. He said the government aims to fight the mindset that drives young men towards militancy.

He further added that the government is taking strict action against banned organisations in Punjab. According to him, 18,000 seminaries, out of the total of 24,000, have already been registered.

Talking about the Time Square Bomb suspect, Faisal Shahzad, Malik asserted that he is not a Pakistani.

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Liaquat Ali | 10 years ago | Reply @Khan, The police in Pakistan exists to protect the elite from the commoner and NOT to protect the commoners from criminals.The police in Pakistan operates under Police Act of India 1861 that was created by the British to keep the populace under control. At least Indians are serious about getting it changed. Pakistanis have claimed to have reformed it. What a joke!
Liaquat Ali | 10 years ago | Reply What a silly comment ! Only a PPP official could make mindless comments like this. If the elements from outside are responsible for the target killings then it would be the easiest problem to solve. Just station security forces on the entrances of the city. Problem solved. Also, talking about madrassas in relation to terrorism is a copout. It is about sugar mills and other assets. For example, most if not all sugar mills are owned by either the PPP or PML folks. What is being done in is to harass the MQM and to bog it down with another operation, similar to the 1992 operation, to prevent it from going outside Karachi to continue its political activities that could drive the feudal out of the country.
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