NEPRA increases power tariff

Nepra has allowed 64 paisa per unit increase in power tariff under the fuel price adjustment formula.

Express July 26, 2010


The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) has allowed 64 paisa per unit increase in power tariff under the fuel price adjustment formula. The new rates will be visible in August bills.

Power production companies had demanded an increase of Rs1.2 per unit. Nepra had allowed a 14 paisa increase in electricity tariff of eight distribution companies of Wapda on June 29.

The previous increase was applied from the month of May and the new amount was to be recovered from consumers in the next month’s bills.

The government has already increased electricity tariff by 60 per cent in the last 15 months.


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Neutral Pakistani | 10 years ago | Reply What has been going on in Pakistan is truly tragic. Electrical power is the foundation for a developed industrialized nation. With out cheap sources of power there will never be any development. It is a shame that Pakistan already faced with worst shortages of power in its history has chosen to open the field to foreign private corporations whose sole interest is making money and not developing Pakistan. These quick fix companies are installing out dated, oil-fuel based generator power stations which are extremely expensive to run. The public is paying for it, enriching foreign companies and the middle men Pakistani leaders. The bigger tragedy is that Pakistan already has another much cheaper way to meet the shortages. That way is Iran. If Pakistan starts importing a large amount of electricity from Iran just like Turkey does then the prices of electricity can be kept low while the shortages can be overcome in shortest duration possible since it is quicker to build a transmission line than building a power plant.
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