Musharraf denies approving drone strikes

"During my presidency, there were only a few drone strikes," says Musharraf.

Express December 22, 2011


Former president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf has denied reports of his alleged approval of drone attacks in the country.

“As far as the drone attacks are concerned, there existed no agreement with the US/ISAF by the previous government,” stated a press release issued on Wednesday.

“I did not approve any drone attacks. During my presidency, there were only a few drone strikes and whenever that happened, Pakistan lodged a strong protest with the US/Isaf forces,” Musharraf said, adding that the agreement with Isaf was that they would operate in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s forces will operate in Pakistan.

He added: “Isaf used to share the intel whenever they had any. Moreover, we demanded transfer of drone technology so that our security forces can operate them against the militants.”

Published in The Express Tribune, December 22nd, 2011.


Tashfeen Qayyum | 9 years ago | Reply

Drone attacks started once the US were convinced that we are helping the militants. Whenever Pakistan were given intelligence on the militants, the militants vanished prior to the raid as it happened in the case of Tora Bora. Drones were a minor act by the US compared to what they are capable of. We as a nation need to look inward and correct ourselves instead of blaming the rest of the world as if we are the only righteous people in this world?

Tuan Pham Ngoc | 9 years ago | Reply

In response to Javed, stop being so desperate that you are reduced to the point of telling outright lies. Musharraf was not "eliminating" the citizens. Simply, he gave no authorisation for the drone attacks, hence the few attacks. This time around, Zardari gave the permission, hence the massive number of drone strikes.

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