Wardrobe woes

Express July 25, 2010

KARACHI: Clothes have the capability of taking you from zero to hero, and vice versa. We take a look at the latter, where outfit mishaps have made an event more memorable than necessary

Businesslike - Hassan Ahmad

“I have really bad luck when it comes to looking professional in meetings. One time I had a really important meeting with the CEO of a big company and right before the meeting I spilled tea all over my shirt. I had to button up my jacket and try to hide the stain with my tie. It really didn’t work.

Another time I had two important meetings with two CEOs in one day and I was late for the first one. The elevator was taking too long so I decided to take the stairs. I was running up the stairs when my jacket pocket snagged in the railing and the entire pocket came off. The first CEO noticed and asked me what was wrong with me! I went without a jacket to the second meeting.”

Silly Saris - Shenaz Khan

“I recently went to a wedding with my in-laws to be, and I was wearing a sari. I have worn a sari before but I was not completely comfortable in it. I was standing with my mother-in-law when suddenly I felt my sari was looser than it should be, I looked down and saw the entire thing had come undone from the front! I had to literally scoop up yards of cloth and run to the rest room to re-tie my sari. This happened three times that night!”

Take a break - Mehnaz Shah

“For my cousin’s wedding I bought a stunning pair of delicate silver heels. They were ridiculously expensive so I had to save up to buy them, but they looked so good with my outfit and made me feel so graceful that I didn’t care. However, an hour into the night I started feeling a little unstable and uncomfortable, but I continued to smile and wear them.  Then during the picture session my left heel snapped and I was suddenly lopsided! 10 minutes later the right heel broke as well. I spent the remainder of the night walking around barefoot.”

The wrong way - Ali Soomro

“I was performing onstage with my band for a school concert and I was super excited and really nervous. I got ready with shaking fingers and wobbly knees, I was going for the ‘I don’t care look’ so I wore jeans and a plain black t-shirt. I went onstage and it was exactly like the movies - right down to the girls (and guys) in the front pointing at me and smiling. I felt so good! However, later I was told I was wearing my shirt inside out so the label and stitching could be seen. I still don’t know if the people who pointed and smiled were laughing at me or liking my music.”

Published in The Express Tribune, July 26th, 2010.


Aamir-the Piscean | 11 years ago | Reply i got my new pants altered and didnt try them on..I had to do hosting in my university for some student activity.I sat down briefly and when i stood up the whole stitching from the fly down to my toes both legs just came undone..it felt like a strippers costume...i slowly sneaked out of auditorium and asked a friend to bring spare pants that i had in hostel nearby
ABDULRAZZAQ | 11 years ago | Reply salaam, once i heard from my teacher,who is saying that good cloths can open many doors for you.i think upon it and when i appear in front of that teacher for viva i am in my best dressing,believe me i get maximam marks.
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