Aasia bibi 'very frail', not been taken seriously: NGO

I have already forgiven those who blamed me of blasphemy, says Aasia bibi.

Afp December 20, 2011

VATICAN CITY: Aasia bibi, sentenced to death for blasphemy last year is in a "very frail" physical and mental state, a human rights group that visited her in prison said in a statement on Tuesday.

"Because of her solitary confinement, Aasia Bibi, 46, appears considerably older, has a pale complexion, she looks very frail, even unable to stand on her own," the Masihi Foundation was quoted by Catholic news agency Fides as saying.

"During the time spent with her, her eyes were not fixed at any one place at any time, she could not understand what was happening, she was completely confused and looked astonished," the group said after the visit on Monday.

Bibi, a mother of five who is being held in a prison in Sheikhupura in the Punjab region, however told her visitors that she has forgiven her accusers.

She was sentenced to death for blasphemy in November 2010 after drinking water from a well reserved for Muslims and allegedly making derogatory remarks about the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Her appeal at the High Court in Lahore is ongoing.

"She said she has not been taken seriously by anyone, she was frightened and seemed very cold and nervous. She hardly made eye contact," Masihi said.

When asked about forgiveness, Bibi was quoted by the foundation as saying: "I have already forgiven those who blamed me of blasphemy."

Pope Benedict XVI and the international community have condemned her conviction and have asked for her to be pardoned.


Umer | 11 years ago | Reply


what about Dr. Aafia? there can be conflict of interest but conflict of interest at the cost of religion is not acceptable!

What about Afia? Isn't she the one who said she can help US with an agreement with Taliban, during her court proceedings? Doesn't it show she has relations with extremists? She shot herself in the foot.

Umer | 11 years ago | Reply


For example: you can put up stats for just last 100 years of terrorism and you will know who has a bigger share – is it Non-Muslims or Muslims?

Certainly most Pakistanis have been killed by Pakistanis; East Pakistan, Baluchistan, FTA just to name a few.

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