Judiciary jaundice

Published: December 14, 2011

LAHORE: It seems that after exposure to the bird flu, the swine flu and dengue fever, we are now threatened by a new malaise — the judiciary jaundice.

The role being played by the judiciary in the post-Musharraf era and the judgments coming from it are intensely controversial and debatable. Eminent legal experts have written and spoken for and against the judgment and the so-called judicial activism in esoteric legal parlance. But, beyond that, there is a public perception that the judiciary is in a state of taking unfavourable, prejudiced views and demonstrating cynical, covetous, jealous and jaundiced conduct in its performance.

The recent order of the Supreme Court (SC) on the setting up of a commission regarding a dubious memo written in another country is an indecent order passed in haste and without logic. A parliamentary committee had already been set up to investigate the matter.

It seems the SC has vowed to sort out the government. However, my question is: who will put the SC right?

Major (R) Mahmood Akhtar

Published in The Express Tribune, December 15th, 2011.

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