Pak-Afghan transit trade: Vehicles carrying supply stopped, checked in Khyber Agency

Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Trade agreement is allegedly being misused in wake of Islamabad suspending Nato supplies.

Express December 11, 2011

KHYBER AGENCY: Vehicles carrying Afghan transit trade supply were stopped and checked in the Khyber Agency on Sunday.

The vehicles were stopped in the Jamrud area of the Khyber Agency by the officials of the Khasadar force and were allowed to go to Afghanistan after being thoroughly checked.

Source said that security forces were ordered to check the vehicles carrying the transit trade supply.

The Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Trade agreement is allegedly being misused in the wake of Islamabad suspending Nato supplies through the country’s land route.

Pakistani officials believe that the trade agreement is being used to bypass the suspension of supplies in the aftermath of the November 26 Nato attack, one of the many steps taken by the government in protest.


Dr.A.K. Tewari | 9 years ago | Reply

Yes, Iran is a friendly nation for both India and Afghanistan and if Pakistan remain adament on the supply route issue Iran is ready to give facilities for the supplly of fuel for tne ddvelomental projects being done by Indian companies there . In such condition one can easily understand the fate of U.S.- Pak relation and its impact on the Pak economy in both short and long run .

Hassan | 9 years ago | Reply

I don't think this exercise was part of other alike measures which pak took after Salala incident but to take the issue to another level making Afghanistan pay for what it has nothing to do with.

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