Tere Bin contains 'vulgar, questionable remarks'

Ali Zafar has appealed to the Secretary of the Ministry of Culture for reviewing his Indian movie `Tere Bin Laden'.

July 23, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Popular Pakistani Model and Singer, Ali Zafar has appealed to the secretary of the Ministry of Culture for reviewing his Indian movie `Tere Bin Laden' and allowing the movie to be screened in Pakistani cinemas.

The Central Board of Film Censors with recommendations of it's Full Board has not allowed the screening of Indian movie `Tere BinLaden' in Pakistani cinema houses and termed it to be carrying objectionable content.

An official from the Ministry of Culture told APP that the ministry is likely to allow the screening of this movie by removing the objectionable sections which carry unsuitable scenes and controversies. The movie was reviewed by a Panel of Film Censor Board and all the members unanimously found the film unsuitable for exhibitions in Pakistan as its tone and tenor was offensive and also portrayed the Pakistani society as an embodiment of retrogression where there is not an iota of enlightenment.

The members were of the view that it contains vulgar/objectionable dialogues, abusive and derogatory remarks which will definitely invite criticism from the civil society and the media.

According to the documents available by the Central Board of Film Censors, the script of the film depicts a Pakistani journalist (Ali Zafar) who resorts to extreme journalistic dishonesty to make a quick buck. In this evil pursuit, he finds a poultry farm owner of Rahim Yar Khan who resembles Osama Bin Laden and Ali Zafar conceives his improvisation as a means to earn alot of money by selling it to a TV channel. He executes his plan and sells the fake video cassette to a TV channel; this aspect of the film will be bitterly resented by the media in the country.

The film also projects Pakistan as the centre of terrorism and all sorts of cheats are going on at every level. Its impact is surely going to hurt Pakistan's strategic interests. US bashing is on the extreme where as America is a coalition partner in the war on terror and has bailed Pakistan on many occasions. The abusive language against America is in bad taste and cannot be justified even under the worst case scenario.

The film also ridicules the security apparatus of Pakistan and the United States of America who contemplate major military and surveillance operation triggered by the fake video. The full Board as an appellate authority viewed the film and two of the members were of the view that the film should be passed after certain excisions, while the overwhelming majority of the members of the Board found the film not fit for public viewing.


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Sengathir | 10 years ago | Reply I got a chance to watch this movie last week only and Ali Zafer was rocking!!! Actually this movie is such a strong satire on US dubious policies and nowhere it talks bad on Pakistan. If ridiculing Pakistan's security apparatus is taken as the reason for banning, and the same is implemented in India, no movie will come out. This article is so surprising for me..
Usama Saleh | 10 years ago | Reply @ Faisal pasha "I will watch the movie what ever happen I don't care?" Yes my dear this approach is the reason of today's Pakistani situation, we don't care what is happening in Pakistan even around us, people are being murder in the streets, people are dying from hunger, people are taking their lives, people are killing their children, India is training Pakistani people to fight against Pakistan, India is killing Muslims in Kashmir from last 60 years, even our Masjids and holy Places are safe any more but dose not matter because you don't care, you will only watch the movie. I think terrorist are not hurting Pakistan as mush as this kind of thinking is hurting. Here everybody is worry about a movie?, As third world country we must have more important work other than it, but unfortunately we are tense due to not releasing a bloody movie in Pakistan, which will not give you any benefit of even single rupee, which will not change you situation, which will not change the image of Pakistan but it will transfer some Pakistani money to India as Revenue and give encouragement to Indian directors to make more and more such type of movies to insult Pakistan and we will keep watching these movies because what ever happen we don't care...? Do we Not care? A question to all Pakistanis...
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