NATO attack aftermath: Bereaved demand end to ‘America’s war’

Widow of soldier killed in Nato attack says the anguish is bitter because her husband died in an American war.

Afp December 05, 2011

BHAGWAL: Bereaved Pakistanis are demanding an end to their country’s alliance with the US and banning of drone attacks in the region. It remains unclear the extent to which the government or the military will implement changes.

Relatives of martyred soldiers believe that Pakistan should not be paying a high price to figh this war.

Sergeant Mumtaz Hussain was deployed to fight the Taliban on the Afghan border and was the sole breadwinner of the family. The survival of his family, which includes his mother, wife and two young children, depended on the military salary and pension.

“The day he died, the children missed him immensely. They told me they just wanted to see him and would not go to school until they had. My son still does not believe he is dead,” Mussarrat Bibi said.

“This is not the first time the US attacked our soldiers, but our government is not responding,” she added. “If our government decides to come out of this alliance, things may improve ... These drone strikes are fuelling terrorism and strengthening the Taliban,” said his uncle Muhammad Nazeer.

Tasleem Akhter’s 20-year-old son, Rizwan Abbas, was recruited last year.

“He desired to sacrifice his life for his country. I can sacrifice all my sons for my homeland but our government should also take necessary action,” said Akhter. “While we were out walking down the streets, he told me this might be his last trip to the village and asked me to change the national flag on his grave regularly after his death,” recalled Jameel Akhter. “He always told stories about fights against the Taliban. I never expected he would die so soon,” he added.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 5th, 2011.


DB | 9 years ago | Reply

@Mj: @muhammad saad:

This is not true. Those videos and funerals are shown constantly on TV. We have documentaries and dramas created for them. It is only the habitual liars of our liberal brigade who will never acknowledge the sacrifices of our soldiers against TTP. They are only point scoring now.

Muhammad Ahsan Khan | 9 years ago | Reply

"why no protests,no banners,no candles being lit for the thousands of our brave soldiers murdered by the religious fanatics?"

The religious fanatics are also Muslims as the civil deads. When a Mulim A kills the Muslim B, A does not become a Mujahid and B a Shaheed. Both of them remain Muslim brothers as part of trhe same Ummah. A is Qatil and B is Maqtool. The family of B can retaliate and kill A or pardon him if Blood Money is accepted. This is the religious point of our religion. It is also the Arab culture which is very closely followed by Pakistani Mulims and by the State of Pakistan. Let us not forget that we live in ISLAMIC Republic of Pakistan where Islam is every where and Rebuplic is absent.

I am not sure if my remark will be of any help to @Mj and @muhammad saad.

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