Veena bares all and then tries to cover up

Move over Memogate, Malik is the hottest story in town.

Saadia Qamar December 03, 2011


Controversy queen Veena Malik is making the headlines once again with her nude photograph on the cover page of Indian magazine FHM’s December edition, that was revealed on December 2. To top it all off Malik, who is posing nude, has an Inter-services Intelligence (ISI) tattoo on her bare arm. 

From the famous slogan “Yeh Kiya Baat Howi Mufti Sahab” to Indian Reality TV show “Big Boss”, this diva has given the audiences both in India and Pakistan enough to talk about. With everyone focusing on Veena, talk and thoughts of Memogate and the Bonn conference have gone out the window. News channels have taken to questioning politicians like Interior Minister Rehman Malik, who said that he “had not seen the pictures” but would look into the matter.

When contacted, the controversial star’s PR Manager Sohail Rashid denied the possibility of Malik posing naked for a magazine in India. “I am in no position to comment. It has been just 30 seconds that I came across these pictures online. I will call her up but I hardly believe that she did this photo shoot. Yes, we do have bold pictures of her on our website, but never any nude ones. While bold pictures are in demand in the international market, I know she wouldn’t cross her limits. Had she done this, she would have certainly shared the details with me.”

After talking to Malik, Rashid added, “Veena Malik denies this shoot. These pictures have never been taken. She is currently busy in shooting two Bollywood films but has instructed me to contact her lawyer as soon as possible.”

On December 3, Rashid said that, “Veena has contacted her lawyer, Mr Asif, who is based in Lahore. He has told her not to talk to the media.”

However, Delhi-based editor of FHM India, Kabeer Sharma was more than willing to talk.

On Veena Malik

“I still believe Veena Malik is a strong, powerful and sexy woman. She is in such a fabulous shape; no Photoshop was required at all. For us, she was a woman who had the brain and ability to talk about everything from burqas on the beach to the controversy with Mohammad Asif. She had bared her soul completely and was not uncomfortable at all during the interview.”

While Malik did not want to talk to the Pakistani press, she seemed willing to talk to Sharma who said that he spoke to Veena on the morning of December 3 and said the actor believed the Pakistani media was blowing the issue out of proportion.

Confusion in the midst of controversy

In reply to Rashid denying that Veena Malik posed nude, Sharma has said that the shoot was entirely real, “I have not been in touch with Sohail Rashid, nor do I know him. Through him, Veena has asserted that these pictures were doctored but I would like to state that our entire team was present at the time of the shoot. At least eight people were also present at the studio in Versova, Andheri on November 23.”

ISI: Bigger is better

When asked about why Malik has the letters ‘ISI’ printed in black on her arm, Sharma said, “Let’s get one thing clear. This is not a tattoo and ISI has been painted on her arm. Veena was very excited when she heard this concept and actually requested the make-up artist to paint it bigger so that it could be seen clearly in print.”

He added that the idea behind the tattoo was “to show that the ISI had a hand in everything” which is a common saying in India.

Legal issues

When asked what would happen if Malik contacted her lawyer, Sharma nonchalantly stared, “If she goes to the lawyer, then we will see what we can do. FHM is popular magazine published worldwide and we are known for doing things professionally. For us, this is like any other cover. If somebody develops cold feet afterwards, what can we do about it?”

Kajal Agarwal and Veena Malik compared

FHM India has come under spotlight before as well when a topless picture of Indian actor Kajal Agarwal was printed on the cover of the magazine’s September issue and according to reports, Agarwal had accused the magazine of “morphing” her pictures. The magazine denied these claims.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 4th, 2011.


V | 9 years ago | Reply

Ladies and gents, you need to calm down a bit. Let her be, does she hurt any of you? Truth to be said I'm happy to see some news about Pakistani people that don't involve terrorism or religion. I mean... come on, it's a pretty lady that makes people talk about Pakistan and its people in really nice words. Don't you think your country deserves that for a change? Yet you have to bring out the accusations, shame, guilt and punishment. Once again - let her be! She's right when she says that she is an entertainer - that's exactly who she is. Pakistani, Swedish or American - it doesn't really matter... If one would consider her actions to be embarrassing - she's only embarrassing herself, not the whole country or religion (and I don't think she is).

Peace :)

Lady | 9 years ago | Reply

@veejayDJ Couldn't agree with you more!

Let her live the way she wants to, it's her life. All the people who commented against it, you can keep doing it, it won't make any difference to her!! She's enjoying what she's doing and that's that!! Agreed that it is against Islam for a woman to bare herself in front of men, but how come these "Muslims" overlook the abuse on women by their husbands? the child rape in Pakistan? and lets take the common daily happenings, like the mistreatment of parents or adults?!!

Atleast Veena is doing no harm to anyone but her self, her after life to be exact.

So let her be happy about it.

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