Enraged Indian youth slaps Indian minister

Youth says he slapped the minister over his 'inability to control inflation'.

Express November 24, 2011

NEW DELHI: Indian agriculture minister, Sharad Pawar, who is also the President of the International Cricket Council, was slapped by an angry young man in New Delhi on Thursday.

The attacker was identified as Harvinder Singh, who claimed he was protesting against rising prices of basic food items.

Singh seems to have a history of such attacks. Earlier, he has attacked Indian telecoms minister, Sukh Ram. The minister was unhurt but shaken.

Pawar was attacked as he left the offices of the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC).

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Ikramuddin Akbar | 9 years ago | Reply

@Indian: (1)I agree with you that a criminal is a criminal young or old. And that son of mother india did a better job slapping an elderly and fatherly figure, as " maan and samman" is given more importance in "civilized" country ,anyway mother india knows her children better .You may cock and brag as much as you want on this website ,But in an unethical matter and topic what our army had to do any thing? ,how did you quote our army so well and how you could be an expert on them what they teach us here? ,why did you think to quote them who had nothing to do with this matter.Rememeber they are the best army in the world both morally and skilfully,far better than yours ,no need to explain what they are doing in Kashmir.they are doing exactly what Mother india has taught them to do raping and looting but I cannot say for sure what our POWs had done so "bad" and "wrong" there, while they were in your home(india) that you had not been able to forget them and still remember them! (2) I cannot understand your reference of OBL, osama was an arab national and he had been in enmity with America, Americans were after him and he was hiding in Pakistan, and like most Pakistani and muslims I never liked him and am not advocating him, his policy his philosophy were wrong that only brought sadness in people’s life,all over the world. OBL was a matter between Pakistan and usa, in particular ,he never talked about india, he never talked about hindus, even alqaueda was not active in india, now why you were dying to remember a dead man so bitterly even long after his demise. What did he do so “harsh” and “bitter” to you and your people in particular that made you to remember him so vigorously as a bad man, as there live so many criminals in your country too.Is your country clean of them.? (3) I don’t know about karma, but according to Hinduism a person is re-born seven times . as a muslim I don’t believe it but I believe in your belief. Could you possibly tell me only for my interest in the subject ,that what were you in your previous janam?A king or something else according to your deeds.What happens after those seven lives.How do they pay for bad deeds.

akhter | 9 years ago | Reply

who hurled the shoes at bush was dragged and left with damaged bones as if the body guards were stopping him from aiming missiles but what we watched in India!!!!!!!!!!!!

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