Illiteracy, poverty, injustice main reasons behind terrorism: K-P CM

CM Hoti says that the government is taking effective steps for the eradication of these issues.

November 19, 2011

PESHAWAR: Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) Chief Minister (CM) Ameer Haider Khan Hoti said that the main reasons behind terrorism and other problems in the region were illiteracy, poverty and injustice. He said that the government is taking effective steps for the eradication of these issues.

Hoti said that the training, education and welfare of the children were above politics and that the government was undertaking reality based steps and encouraging private sector to invest.

The KP CM was addressing a gathering arranged by Ujala Welfare Society, a welfare organisation imparting training and education to children of low paid government employees here on Saturday.

Hoti is the patron-in-chief of the welfare society.

"We could not dispense our responsibilities in good manner after getting independence, which increased the sufferings of our young generation" he said.

He said that consistent policies and democracy were essential for the betterment of the society.

Hoti acclaimed that the government was taking constructive steps for promotion of education and employment as per the vision of Bacha Khan.

According to CM Hoti, the KP government is working to raise the standards of government-run schools. He said that the top 10 position holders in the

Hoti said that top 10 position holders in Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Intermediate exams were given talent awards worth Rs10,000 and Rs15,000 respectively, on monthly basis.

The government will bear all the educational expenses of children from 100 high schools from 400 union councils.


F Khan | 10 years ago | Reply

Sorry Hoti Sb. I beg to differ. The reason for terrorism in our part of the world are preaching and propagating hate, intolerance & indoctrination of people that jihad is the best islamic way to fight capitalism, west and the developed worlds who are anti-islam. There are many countries or regions with more illiteracy, poverty and injustice and they do not have terror mindset. But keep on harping this one it at least gives us foreign aid and also is a good way to shrug and say......its not my fault...its illiteracy, poverty and injustice and I can not do anything in 5 years against don't blame me. Jihad aap ka mazhab, bandook aap ka zawar, terroristoon ko panah dena aap ki mehman nawazi aur amrika go gali deena aap ki ideology and you blame.........come on take courage and accept the problem is with us and not the three innocent sisters you are mentioning.

MarkH | 10 years ago | Reply

Why do people constantly look for the causes of it when the terrorists themselves will tell you what motivates them even if you don't ask them to? All three are byproducts of terrorism itself. Not to say they didn't exist before but it's an even more up hill battle while they exist. One of their primary goals are to hinder progress in those areas. It'd be all fine and good to debate without issue if it wasn't for the fact it hinders the progress of actually fixing it by looking in different directions when all eyes should be on the current issues causing the most harm with fairly decent success. Success being that they never get taken back in their progress. Their movement forward in their desires completely dwarfs any current attempts to take back and make ground from the other side. It's always going to be a losing battle if all you do is try to think of ways to fix it while at the same time ignoring the bigger causes. It's counter productive.

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