Young artists’ work on display at Nomad

Published: July 21, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Fresh graduates of National College of Arts Rawalpindi displayed their miniature paintings at the Nomad art gallery on Tuesday.

Curator Nageen Hayat said, “Every artist’s work differs from the other and expresses feelings about society.”

She felt that the work was a classy breakaway from traditional contemporary art and portrayed the dynamics of power and politics in detail.

Four art students, Saima Beenish, Silwat Momtaz, Beenish Khalid and Fatima Shakil, made their final submissions at NCA and 23 paintings were selected by Nageen to be displayed at the gallery till August 15.

Saima Beenish’s work has traditional technique of miniature painting incorporated into contemporary imagery. Five of the paintings on display belong to Beenish and her work consists of side portraits of women with minimum usage of color- tones of beige and browns merged with pinks and red making the image look very subtle yet dynamic. Beenish stated that portraits have been her passion, each work provides her with an opportunity to express beauty and desire.

Silwat Momtaz has 10 pieces on display and her work offers different tints and shades. Momtaz had taken the simplest commodities used in daily life- socks, chairs, blade, scissors and sewing kits. She had arranged them into 5X3 small frames and turned them into art. Momtaz’s work was detail oriented and finely defined borders made the items look realistic.

Beenish Khalid’s paintings make a social statement about the significance of “Kursi”- the chair that people are fighting. In her statement Khalid said, “Kursi is almost the same as going to the toilet to sit on the commode; the result is nothing but a stinking, rotting, festering pile of corruption, injustice, instability and class differences. It turns our society into a disgusting parody, much like what happens to food once it passed through the body,” she added. Khalid completed her work in three months.

Fatima Shakil’s work was machines, satellites, and clothes with Eiffel Tower. Shakil stated, “I started making a link of photos with the present time and how I relate to them.”

Published in The Express Tribune, July 21st, 2010.

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