Late breaking: 1979 local bodies system revived in Sindh

Notification was passed to pull the province out of an administrative limbo.

Express November 10, 2011

To temporarily end an administrative crisis in Sindh, the province’s administration issued a notification early Thursday morning, reviving the 1979 local bodies system – which means a revival of the commissioner system across the province, including Karachi and Hyderabad.

Karachi will revert to its five-district format.

The move comes as coalition partners the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) are yet to agree over the shape and form of a mutually acceptable local government system in Sindh. Negotiations on the matter will continue between the two – but, for the time being, the notification was passed to pull the province out of an administrative limbo with the lapse of an ordinance passed in August.

The administrative crises began just before the Eid holidays with the lapse of the controversial ordinance originally aimed at rebuilding broken ties between the MQM and PPP. However, the ordinance could not be passed by the assembly within a stipulated 90-day period – following which it ceased to hold legal cover.

The lapsing of the ordinance meant that the province did not hold any proper governance system or structure – hence the notification was issued to cover legal lacunas that could have proved disastrous for the province.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 10th, 2011.


Mushtaq Ahmad Gaadi | 9 years ago | Reply

In fact, most important part is implementation of the system. These systems( including rules,regulations,laws,processes,traditions) are built for the good of public at large, therefore, these should serve the interest of public not of few vested interests. There are countries in the world which does not have even laws in writing but they are functioning very efficiently due to their across the board implementation mechanism followed by accountability without fear and favor. Undoubtedly, we are excellent at framing of the rules and regulations but miserably fail when execution stage comes up. Generally, we act discriminately, blaming the others for failures and trying to get the credit ourselves of any thing good. But there is hope. I think young generation which is critically viewing all these measures will analyse the matters with objectivity and come up with viable options. Media which is already playing an excellent role has to raise grey areas repeatedly for ultimate benefit of the country. Gap between academic institution and government agencies be bridged. Academia should give such like topics for research to their MS/PhD scholars who should come up with suitable recommendations in Pakistani context/environment. Hence, there is a great responsibility on every citizen to keep on viewing such happening and suggesting solutions to the problems instead of criticism for the sake of criticism.

Syed | 9 years ago | Reply

@ fus I think Raja Aslam tried to say "tried tested and failed system"

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