Familial obligations: Outlawing in-laws

Published: November 10, 2011
Father-in-law ‘killed’ on mother-in-law’s insistence.

Father-in-law ‘killed’ on mother-in-law’s insistence.


A man killed his father-in-law on his mother-in-law’s insistence on Tuesday. 

According to police officials, Mehtab Hussain, a resident of Lutfabad Moza Chahat Qureshi Wala, said that his brother-in-law, Nasir, used to live with him and his wife but his father-in-law Abdul Sattar disapproved of the arrangement. “We had argued over the matter several times and he kept insisting that Nasir move back. I told him that Nasir was better off with us but he never listened,” Hussain told police, while in custody.

Hussain said that his mother-in-law, Naziran Bibi, had insisted that her son stay with him. “She preferred that he not stay at home because her husband was a violent man. We took Nasir in ears ago but his father began to threaten us, asking us to send him back. Naziran Bibi kept telling me that I should just get rid of her husband because he would eventually hurt us all,” he confessed.

Naziran Bibi said that on Tuesday, Hussain and Abdul Sattar quarrelled over where Nasir would live and Hussain shot his father-in-law. “He tried to hide the body in a field but the neighbours called the police.

We found Naziran Bibi, Nasir and Hussain trying to hide the body,” said inspector Mubeen Khan. Police officials said that they had arrested Hussain but his mother-in-law and her son fled the scene. Police officials have registered a case and are searching for the accused.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 10th, 2011.

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