Police the most corrupt department in the country

DG Anit-Corruption says Police is followed by Finance department, highway authority and town governments.

Express October 29, 2011

GUJRANWALA: Police is the most corrupt department of Pakistan, the Director General of Anti-Corruption Department Sheikh Abid Saeed said while announcing a list of corrupt departments of Pakistan.

Talking to the media in Gujranwala, the Director General said that Police was followed by the Finance department, highway authority and town governments. He added that the anti-corruption department resolves all applications regarding corruption within two months.

He also admitted that the judiciary was cooperating in the fight against corruption for the first time in the country’s history.

Saeed added that 397 challans had so far been presented before the anti-corruption court from January to September.

However, hundreds of thousands of rupees have been recovered from officials from different departments.


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Donalds | 9 years ago | Reply Body cameras AND polygraph programs to fight misconduct and corruption. Not only on hire, but every 5yrs and for internal affairs investigations. If officers knew that this tool was in place, maybe they would think twice before breaking the very laws they are sworn to uphold. DHS expanding polygraph program to fight corruption of CBP agents The answer, the 'key' that will once and for all 'break the code' is the 'truth'. Plain and simple.
Rational Mind | 9 years ago | Reply

Corruption starts from the top and on top are politicians

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