I want to be the biggest star: Ranbir Kapoor

With "Rockstar" and "Barfee", he feels he is on the right path.

Ians October 29, 2011

NEW DELHI: Comedy, political thriller and drama – Ranbir Kapoor's body of work boasts of variety and that too in just four years of filmdom. The grandson of the legendary Raj Kapoor says he wants to grow with every character and be "the biggest star".

In the last four years, the chocolate boy has grown up as an actor. He entered the industry with "Saawariya" and did light-hearted dramas like "Bachna Ae Haseeno" and "Wake Up Sid" and it was his mature performance in "Rajneeti" that changed everyone's perception of him.

Now with "Rockstar" and "Barfee", he feels he is on the right path.

"I hope I can grow with every character I do. I want to be the biggest star. I want to be the best actor and I feel I am on the right path. I have been fortunate that I have worked with such talented directors," Kapoor, 29, told IANS in an interview.

Undeterred by negative talk, he says, "I am happy with my growth and the way my career is shaping up. People have tried to pull me down with negative reviews and never-ending rumours. But that doesn't affect me at all now.

"I have become numb to such stories. I have learnt how to detach myself. It doesn't bother me or my peace of mind."

In his short career he has pushed the envelope by doing different roles like a lover boy in "Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani", a casanova in "Bachna Ae Haseeno" and a calculative scion of a political family in "Raajneeti".

When asked about his role in "Rockstar", he said: "I play a Jat boy from Delhi, who lives in Pitampura. He studies in the Hindu college and plays the guitar. It is not about music, it is a love story where music is incidental...people tell him that to get the best out of you, you should go through a heartbreak. So, deliberately he falls in love..."

"My character comes from a different stratum of society. He is somebody whom I haven't met in my life. So it was very hard for me to get into his skin. So I went and spent a lot of time with a jat family in Delhi. It was very important for me to observe them, to pick up certain nuances," he said.

His grandfather was the youngest director at his time, and Kapoor too harbours the dream of wielding the megaphone. "I want to direct but the problem is I don't think I can pen my thoughts and vision on paper beautifully. I want to make something like 'Shree 420' or 'Jagte Raho'. I want to make films that would be relatable, that would spread joy and love. Yes, I would also want to star in my own films without a doubt."

So what next?

"I would want to do an out-and-out negative film. I want to play with characters, I want to explore myself. People ask me if I want to do an action film because action films are in vogue. I would definitely do one in some time, but not when it is being followed as a trend. I will do it when I feel it is the best time for me to get into such a role."


Su 30MKI | 9 years ago | Reply

@indi pop : mate srk, akki, amitabh, are come from last decade. where there waasnt any madness for movie that you see here these days...well for female actress, the equation is completely different, and i am not going to talk about it, if you dont understand how entertainment industry works.... you could say john, arjun rampal and few others, but i am saying who control and dominate the industry, these are one of few lucky brats who made it, and for your informatoin, john is still struggling actor even after 10 years,he couldnt acheive the success of imran khan, who got the big break coz his uncle is amir khan , who could bring in any best director , bring rahman music and give all kind of promotion and make him a big star overnight...Poor john, still working on so hard,and all he got is lot of female fans, and cant get any big film from big directors...

It is the preserving who get ahead , background can only take you so far.....yes true ! but do you know how many are dreaming on the streets of mumbai , to get that one life time opportunity, spend all their adulthood, prepare themself to be stars and actors, go to film school...

i had been part of film industry in tamil nadu, and knew few of my best friends, who couldnt make it coz they are not from film background....its difficult to explain to common people, if you dont understand how film industry works in india..

Indi-Pop | 9 years ago | Reply

@Su 30MKI: Star sons and daughters might get a break in the industry because of the lineage but only the talented sustain the stardom. Secondly it is not true that oustiders don't get a break in the industry. The industry's biggest stars Amitabh Bacchhan ,Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai , Katrina Kaif etc etc come from non film backgrounds. It is the preserving who get ahead , background can only take you so far.

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