Indian media slams Pakistan over talks' 'failure'

Indian newspapers, on Saturday, blamed Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi for the "failure" of peace talks.

Afp July 17, 2010

NEW DEHLI: Indian newspapers, on Saturday, blamed Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi for the "failure" of peace talks earlier in the week between the two countries.

"Qureshi kills peace talks," read a headline on the front page of leading circulation daily The Times of India, a day after Indian foreign minister SM Krishna returned to New Delhi from Islamabad.

The strongly worded comments came after the discussions, meant to build trust between nuclear armed India and Pakistan, soured over what Islamabad charged was India's "selective" approach to outstanding issues.

Another top selling daily The Economic Times accused Islamabad of pushing ties "off the diplomatic rails ... by sidelining New Delhi's main demand for action" against the perpetrators of the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

India's Hindustan Times accused Pakistan of "ambush diplomacy" by seeking to set a fixed timeframe to resolve key issues such as the row over disputed Muslim majority Kashmir, the trigger of two of three wars between the nations. This led to the "meeting's failure," the newspaper said.

Qureshi, on Friday, had accused India of "narrowing down the talks" by focusing exclusively on militancy rather than the whole range of issues between the countries, including the status of Kashmir and water access rights.

He said Pakistan wanted the discussions to lead to the creation of a "roadmap" for better relations. "But Indians felt they did not have the mandate to commit to it," Qureshi said.

Despite the chilly atmosphere, both Qureshi and Krishna have agreed to meet again in New Delhi to pursue improved relations that were derailed by the Mumbai carnage.


maitre | 11 years ago | Reply The problemm with the Indian diplomacy is that it beats its drums on the International forum about Pakistan Involvement in Mumbai's attack. On one hand, there isn't any proof, besides no democratic government can afford such policies to malign herself. On the other hand, India has repeatedly and implicitly implicated Pakistan and accused the government of supporting a banned group. They have convicted Ajmal Qassab for death. Now the culprit is sentenced and the matter should be over. The Indian foreign minister came with new sets of allegations. How the Pakistan diplomacy could have afforded to be mailgned for a banned outfit's individual's act as well as a non-democratic issue. The Indians don't understand it, besides the Mumbai attacks' is a mean to diverge from the normal political discussion agenda including Kashmir Issue on the Pakistan foreign office's talk plan.
Amit (Indian) | 11 years ago | Reply It seems the talks were orchestrated under international pressure on both sides. It was clear that neither of our politicians were ready to take the process further or understand the respective concerns. And the media in India is one of the worst i can imagine, even if Mr. Qureshi had farted on the press conference, it would have been discussed by six panelists on some morbid talk show. The stability and growth of culturally rich Pakistan would be an asset to India and south Asia. I am not denying the concerns both our countries have or the mistrust for each other that is prevalent on both sides. We can keep chewing the history over and over again to be reminded of the bitterness or create a new future for this region. Alas i feel we, as humans, are pre ordained to maintain status quos and wallow in the mess that we have grown accustomed to. I hope sincerely that i am proven wrong.
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