Jury to return Monday in Pakistan spot-fixing trial

Majeed and Amir are facing the same charges but are not standing trial alongside Butt and Asif.

Afp October 28, 2011

LONDON: The jury in the spot-fixing trial of former Pakistan Test captain Salman Butt and fast bowler Mohammad Asif will continue their deliberations for a third day on Monday after being sent home on Friday.

They will return to ponder their verdict in the case, in which both men have pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy to obtain and accept corrupt payments, and conspiracy to cheat at gambling.

Prosecutors alleged that Butt, 27, and Asif, 28, conspired with British agent Mazhar Majeed and bowler Mohammad Amir to deliver three intentional no-balls during the Lord's Test between Pakistan and England in August 2010.

The trial judge, Jeremy Cooke, finished his summing-up of the case on Thursday before sending the 12 member jury out to start their deliberations.

Majeed and Amir are facing the same charges but are not standing trial alongside Butt and Asif.

Butt and Asif were charged after allegations about their involvement in spot-fixing appeared in the now-defunct News of the World tabloid, shortly after the Lord's Test.


You Said It | 11 years ago | Reply

Suprising the jury is taking this long. The case is straightforward against them. Hope they get locked up and stay out of Pakistan for a few years. We can do without these two beyghairat players.

Prudent | 11 years ago | Reply

I am not saying that Amir or Asif were not at wrong….but.....

Other nations try to save their nationals from being implicated outside their home countries even if they are criminals…take example of numerous indian spies and recent Raymond Davis case….I think Pakistan should have demanded their hand over and then should have gone ahead with trial…just like US said about Davis…similarly there is a thing called “Criminal Psychology”….If a crime is made very very easy by circumstances then even very simple people will commit it….in Asif Amir case though they did it but they were “trapped” into doing the crime by already closed/defunct “Newsof the world”.. alas our nation only awakens when something happens to themselves or their kin….others even if they are fellow countrymen….are of no importance to our selfish nation…..try to be one nation…and try to understand that it was a trap…a conspiracy…..just tell me all that happened was it real….??? no a drama…a sting operation…..I am amazed the lawyers and PCB did not bring up point of “easiness of crime due to conspiracy”………!!!! ….and I repeat once again that you should all try to research “crime psychology” then you will understand sting operations and their flimsy base……do you know quite a few scandals brewed by newsoftheworld actually landed the same newspaper in hot waters and eventually got it banned……

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