Tribune Take: Homosexuality, the great taboo in Pakistan

Is there room for plurality of sexual expression in Pakistan? Watch the Tribune Take to find out more.

Mahawish Rezvi October 29, 2011
Tribune Take: Homosexuality, the great taboo in Pakistan

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Episode 1: The homosexuality debate

In our first episode we take a look at the controversial issue of homosexuality in Pakistan, which is also the upcoming cover story of our Sunday T magazine.

Zarrar Khuhro, editor T-Magazine, offers his analysis on what coming out of the closet (and the dangers of such an act), means for Pakistani homosexuals. In Khuhro's opinion, the prevailing social climate in the country leaves little room for such plurality of sexual expression.

In the face of such social stigma, Tribune blogs desk head, Faria Syed discusses the impact anonymous blogs have on openly discussing gay rights in Pakistan.

Watch episode one here, or click the video thumbnail in the right hand column.


Jack | 12 years ago | Reply

@Mussarat Starting from Greek and Macedonian society, noted Greek Philosopher Aristotle and his desciple Alexander The Great were both homesexual. Julias Caesar, First US President Abraham Lincon known to have shared bed with Joshua Speed in 1926. Wow - couldnt figure out which of these guys slept with Joshua Speed - but moot point since they were all dead by 1926. @OhLaLa For those who consider it a human right, please keep this mind just because the West declared it a right some 40 years ago, doesn’t mean it has to be imposed on the rest of us, majority of us who absolutely don’t accept it on religious, cultural, scientific and societal grounds (not just Muslims, but Christians and other communities too). Oops - you missed out economic, ergonomical, taxonomic, and atmospheric grounds! No one is imposing homosexuality my friend, relax. @SaadMoiin For Goodness Sake, let Pakistan be a Muslim state and discuss anything which comes inside circle of Islam and natural. Homosexuality is un-natural and non islamic. The problem is that anything which is ignored and swept under the carpet does not disappear, it just decays and smells really bad - example the significant cases of male prostitution (of children) and paedophilia which you guys choose to ignore. Kudos!

Tamil Arasan | 12 years ago | Reply

@Ali Tanoli,: same way there are so many things we can worry about (not about gays or lesbians), then why the hell we punish some one who do some thing inside four walls not disturbing others...

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