US commends Pakistan effort to resolve Indian chopper issue

State Department official says it is “very, very important” that such incidents are prevented.

October 27, 2011

WASHINGTON: The United States welcomed Pakistan’s decision to calmly resolve the issue over an Indian military helicopter’s violation of Pakistani airspace, saying that improved dialogue between the two countries helped them avert an incident.

A military chopper carrying Indian officers violated the Pakistani airspace on Sunday and was forced to land on Pakistan’s territory, miles away from the UN-monitored Line of Control in Kashmir.

But the Pakistani authorities resolved the issue in a peaceful manner, allowing the helicopter and military officers return to their base after sometime.

State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland said at the daily briefing that it is “very, very important” that such incidents are prevented from happening.

“My understanding is this was actually, as these things go, a relatively good news story, that as a result of the increased dialogue between India and Pakistan and the fact that they have reestablished some hotlines and emergency procedures, they were able to speak directly, thereby avoiding an incident,” the spokesperson said.

“So that’s a very, very good step, and the kind of step and the kind of progress we hope to see continue,” Nuland added.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will testify before Congress on Thursday on her visit to Pakistan and Afghanistan last week and the Obama administration’s approach to way forward in the region.

“She’s testifying on Afghanistan and Pakistan, so I think you’ll hear her strike many of the themes that she struck on her recent trip and report to the Congress on that trip and on the road forward,” Nuland said.


rehmat | 10 years ago | Reply

@Meekal Ahmed: "As I said, the last time we strayed into Indian airspace (some say we did not but were close to the border) they shot the aircraft out of the sky and killed everyone. In peace-time"

You do realize that the incident you refer to was in late 1999 - soon after Kargill. TO remind you during Pargill, Pakistan sent commissioned soldiers to India but pretended they were mujahideens. Tehcnically due to unilateral ceasefire by Pakistan that was peace time. But the 2 situations are not at all comparable.

Adnan | 10 years ago | Reply @Meekal Ahmed: The military doesn't just release its investigation report for everyone to read. But thankfully I do have commonsense. I know the helicopter was forced to land because I read it in the news. Its not as hard to believe as you are implying. Do you even know how warning are issued?? jets are simply not just sent to intercept. the violator is first given a warning to land. And have you ever heard of SAM sites, surely you are not saying we don't have any sort of defense against enemy aircraft in an area which is near the border??? you don't have to be there to know this stuff.....BTW what exactly are you implying? that the Indian chopper just came in Pakistan and landed without us even knowing??? you know a helicopter needs a helipad to land...are you saying there is a helipad near the border we don't know about? or that they in fact did just land on one of our bases without us knowing...surely there must have been some dialogue between the two parties for the landing to happen...the Indians wouldn't land on our ground willingly so I am concluding they were forced...btw I am just add the link to a news report sine As for our own planes being shot down....that was the past...somebody has to start the good gestures...might as well be us..
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