DHA residents, parents go to court over terror targets in neighbourhood

Application argues they want the police station relocated in order to protect thousands of children at these schools.

Express October 26, 2011

KARACHI: Residents of Karachi’s DHA Phase VIII have gone to court to have a police station removed from the neighbourhood because of security fears.

Darakhshan police station is located in the middle of eight schools and near the residence of CID SSP Chaudhry Aslam on 32nd street.

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Aslam’s house was attacked by a bomb in September, causing massive destruction to the street and beyond. It went off shortly before school time as a result of which hundreds of parents rose up in protest.

The application was filed by Rizwan Shakoor and dozens of other residents who addressed the chief justice of Pakistan, the chief justice of the Sindh High Court and chief minister, the top judicial and government brass.

The application argues that they want the police station relocated in order to protect thousands of children at these schools.

On Tuesday, the court summoned the inspector general of police, the home secretary, and advocate general of Sindh and deputy attorney general of Pakistan for November 2.

Sindh High Court Chief Justice Mushir Alam converted their September 19 application into a constitutional petition on September 30.


Naveed Khan | 10 years ago | Reply

@ Ahmed Hassan - I am not trying to throw fuel to the fire here but looking at your comment above - you obviously have some level of frustration and anger built up against the so called 'rich people' of DHA and their bubble, you think it is wrong for the parents to feel fear for their children? The police station should be a deterrent to such attacks, not a magnet. But it is and every time there is a high profile prisoner locked up in it, it becomes a threat. Why should these parents not feel scared and voice their concerns? Most of them do not even live in DHA, they live all over Karachi. Most of them also work all over Karachi, so the fact is that they are not doing this so they can continue to live in their safety bubble, they want their children to remain safe and get educated without the risk of becoming victims to an attack in the vicinity. Maybe if you are so concerned for the safety of residents living in and around the slums, instead of making comments here, you can initiate a similar project and get people together to advocate for their safety and security and let others do what they may for the safety of their loved ones.

Ahmed Hassan | 10 years ago | Reply

yeah lets move it next to the slums so these rich people could live peacefully in their bubble.

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