Discussing professionalism in media and its positive influences on the nation

Published: October 23, 2011


The last day of the International Youth Conference focused on the role of media in “building bridges across the world”.

The participants discussed about how media changes the basis of social relations and whether it will bring about new forms of government.

Delegations from more than 12 countries participated in the four-day conference-cum-cultural-festival that brought together experts from the field of social networking and journalism, showbiz and sports personalities as well as national heroes.

Keynote speaker Amir Jahangir, Jaag Broadcasting Systems CEO, spoke about the second generation of media’s impact on Pakistan. Professionalism and integrity in media can influence the nation’s people and institutions positively, he said.

Five much-awaited workshops took place shortly after, interlinking the ideologies and debates presented in the previous days of the festival, with media relations.

Daniel Teweles, CEO of Global Natives started the sessions by introducing the concept of digital activism.

Jahanzaib Haque, a young web editor, conducted a workshop about journalism’s place in New Media. He had a nuanced yet fresh approach about how the web can be used as a tool to spread awareness and information.

Christopher Nue, director of Middle East Programs at Tech Change, led the workshop on crisis mapping and websites that connected the peace building community with an unprecedented array of multimedia resources known as Peace Media.

Prashan de Visser of Sri Lanka Unites, who had shared his anti-terrorism reformation on the third day, briefed the participants on the build up of a positive movement.

In the final workshop Fatima Akhter shared valuable insights on how to provide innovative journalistic stories.

Stephanie Rudat from THINK Consortium presented the technical aspects of media, focusing on the evolution of digital technology. She cautioned that with digital technology’s ease of access and interaction, it is imperative that a tolerant attitude be taken towards others perspectives.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 23rd, 2011. 

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