Rain provides respite to Lahore, Islamabad

Published: July 12, 2010
Commuters travel through a flooded street in Lahore. PHOTO: AFP

Commuters travel through a flooded street in Lahore. PHOTO: AFP

Commuters travel through a flooded street in Lahore. PHOTO: AFP The first monsoon rain of the season hit Lahore this morning. PHOTO: AFP

LAHORE: Lahore gained some respite from the sweltering heat as the first rain of the monsoon season turned the weather pleasant.

Rain began pouring in the early hours of Monday morning. Consequently, the humid weather gripping the city subsided.

Heavy showers also lashed Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Met office predicted more rain in the next 24 hours in the Lahore, Gujranwala and Sargodha divisions.

Suffering from a heat spell lasting for weeks, people could be seen outdoors enjoying the pleasant weather.

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Reader Comments (8)

  • Fasih Ali Khan
    Jul 12, 2010 - 2:17PM

    It was Amazing Mash’Allah …. Loved It …. We were out of our Offices to experience that beauty. May God Bless Pakistan. Recommend

  • FAS
    Jul 12, 2010 - 4:22PM


  • FAS
    Jul 12, 2010 - 4:23PM

    I LOVE PAKISTANRecommend

  • Adeel
    Jul 12, 2010 - 6:22PM

    it was brilliant to see all this.
    Thanks to ALLAHRecommend

  • Haseeb
    Jul 12, 2010 - 8:01PM

    thanks GODRecommend

  • ali
    Jul 13, 2010 - 9:39AM

    there was no news of rain in karachi from express tribune on 5th,6th and 7th when it was raining heavy in karachi…only for punjabi rain!!!Recommend

  • Fasih Ali Khan
    Jul 13, 2010 - 3:27PM

    @ Ali …. Brother It is Extremely Sad to see you guys with little hearts. Why do you always see it through Punjab and Other Provinces aspect. Alhumdulilah we In Punjab feel good about whole Pakistan but you guys get obsessed with every thing ”Punjabi”. Khuda kae liae come out of it. Be Musalman and be Pakistani Only. We are all brothers and sisters in Islaam. We are proud of Karachi being the Port and most Advanced City of Pakistan. We love Peshawar and Quetta as the Crown of Pakistan, the people with high sense of esteem and associated with their culture. We get proud of Northern Areas of Pakistan for being most beautiful parts of the world. It doesn’t make us feel Jealous for a second, Alhumdulilah. Please Kindly open your hearts and Own Pakistan. We are all your’s and you should not look down at us.

    Love & Peace
    From a Pakistani Punjabi BrotherRecommend

  • Asad Ullah Khan
    Jul 22, 2010 - 10:59PM

    i am also with you fasih ali khanRecommend

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