Fashion fiesta: KFW comes to a close

Karachi Fashion Week ends on a high note with day 3 disappointing the audience, but day 4 making up for it.

Saadia Qamar/tehreem Aidrus October 10, 2011


Day 3 

Iqra University School of Fashion & Design, Islamabad

These young students offered nothing out of the ordinary with their collection of cocktail dresses and gowns failing to have the required impact.


Anny Khan’s collection for women was one of the better ones of the night. The designer had models walking the ramp in black, mostly backless, gowns — perfect for an evening out on the town. This was followed by her floral creations in pastels ranging from pink to blue to yellow. Summery yet chic, is an apt way to describe this collection.

Samar Mehdi

The much awaited collection by Samar Mehdi disappointed the crowd. The collection brought on the ramp was ‘Purple Rain’ from an old shoot, and was a letdown for much of the audience who were hoping, and expecting, something new and innovative from the designer.

Arsalan and Yahseer

Arsalan Iqbal and Yahseer Javed, who launched their brand in 2006, brought forth their ‘Midnight Mischief’ collection for men. Tasteful and classy, the designer duo took inspiration from the 17th century style Englishman and the audience couldn’t help but think of Mr Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) when they saw models walk the ramp in long overcoats, black blazers and suave grey suits complimented by tasteful neckties.


This men’s collection showcased an interesting array of cargo pants, with lungi-styled shalwars being the order of the day. The line toyed with muted colours in black, grey and mustard, while the gowns and cocktails dresses for women were primarily in blues, greens, black and yellows.

Day 4 

Sanam Agha

Sanam Agha’s collection, inspired by Greecian gladiators, was pleasing to the eye with the exquisite draping. She used a palette of subtle hues of grey, pistachio green, custard yellow and black in chiffon with her signature insect motif used in every outfit. The highlight of the collection was an interesting marriage of dhoti and chooridar, which might become a popular trend in the following year.

Usman Dittu

Dittu showcased his premier fusion line titled, ‘What a Woman’ from his Couture 69 line. The designer used beautiful colour combinations of shades of blues, greens and yellow with gold and silver Dittu, known for his exquisite saris, received smiles when he displayed his floral printed chiffon sequined creations.

Saman Arif

Saman Arif experimented with fabrics like chiffon and cotton in solid acid colours, complimented by chunky accessories. The collection comprised of culottes, long flowing kameezes and cocktail dresses embellished with pompoms, which are in vogue these days. This bright collection, which reminded one of ‘the good old hippie days’ stood out on day four.

Munib Nawaz

Nawaz’s collection paid tribute to the wandering soul of Pakistan travelling from the shores of Karachi to the mountains of Kashmir. The designer made use of silk and satin in a mostly winter based palette; the rich earthy colours and paisley prints were embedded in a collection of blazers with hoods over jeans and velvet trousers. Raw colours like khaki, browns, flaming oranges and dark greens were used.

Yousuf Bashir Qureshi

The designer’s ‘Soft Military’ collection was one of his strongest yet. The designer went on a patriotic note combined with military regalia with Jinnah caps as well as army hats gracing the heads of models. Female models in military colours saluted the audience, depicting a Pakistan where women walk alongside men.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 11th, 2011.


neha zeeshan | 10 years ago | Reply

i would like to know who is this annywear?i mean pleasee someone look at her clothes,u call that fashion...i m shocked...i have yet to see people wearing such pathetic clothes...i m speechless as no one from elite or lower class can or even think of wearing these clothes....laughing inside

Billoo Bhaya | 10 years ago | Reply

@Saad: Pakistan is under Travel Advisory from the EU, US, Australia and Japan. No one from that part of the world travels to Pakistan. In the show I did not see any foreigners. Maybe they were in hiding when the models did the catwalk. All Pakistan does in all forms of industrial output is to ape India and that too by producing shoddy goods. I travel all the time to the US, UK and Europe and in the stores I find Pakistani products sold at huge discount to similar Indian products in the same stores. Even similar Bangladesh products sell at a premium to Pakistani ones. The trade imbalance is leading us by the nose to the IMF had you read Secretary Finance's Statement. Fashion producers are full of hot air. One leading house in Lahore known to me closed shop after many years. There is a middle class population of over 20 million people in Pakistan. If you cannot convince them to buy your designs and products in Pakistan, heaven help you to market overseas. With views like yours I know the direction the fashion industry is going. Would you care to tell me how many million dollars worth of fashion products have been exported in the last 12 months???? The figure will make you puke!!! If you can find them under export trade 5 digit classification.

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